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Darker Passion
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Advanced waltz
Rob Fowler (January 2018)
One Woman Man by John Legend
Easy waltz – try: ‘Wonderland waltz’ - fits great

Intro: 24 counts begin approx 14 secs

Section 1: R Twinkle, L Cross Point
12&3Cross R over L, Step L to L Diagonal, Brush R next to L, step R to R Diagonal
4-6Cross L over R, Point R to R side, Hold (Prep R shoulder in ready for next turn ) (12 O’clock)

Section 2: Make ½ Turn R step Fwd R, ¼ Turn Sweep, Cross, ¼ Turn, Step Back
1-3Make ½ turn over R stepping fwd R, Sweep L making ¼ turn R over 2 counts( no Weight) (9 O’clock)
4-6Cross L over R, make ¼ turn L stepping back R, step back L (6 O’clock)

Section 3: ¼ turn R Long Step, Hold, ¼ Turn L , Step Step, ¾ Spiral Turn,
1-3Make ¼ turn R stepping R long step R, point left to L (Turn Shoulders slightly R) hold (9 O’clock)
4-6Make ¼ turn L step fwd L, Step fwd R, make ¾ spiral turn L (no weight on L) (9 O’clock)

Section 4: Side Rock step, Side, Rock Step
1-3Step L to L side, Rock back on ball of R, Recover to L
4-6Step R to R side, Rock back on ball of L, Recover fwd R

Section 5: Step, ¼ turn touch hold, ¼ turn step, ½ pivot turn
1–3Step Fwd L, Make ¼ turn L sweeping R next to L, Hold (6 O’clock)
4–6Make ¼ turn R step fwd R( 9 0clock), Step Fwd L, Make ½ pivot turn R (3 O’clock)

Section 6: L Twinkle, ½ Turn Twinkle
1-2Cross L Diagonally forward R, Step diagonally forward R on R (4,30 O’clock)
3Brush L past right stepping L diagonally left (1.30 O’clock)
4-5Cross right over left, make 3/8 turn right step back left, (6 O’clock)
6Make ¼ turn right step right to side (9 O’clock)

Section 7: Cross L over Right, Kick right Diagonal x2, Step back right ,Slight Turn L, Cross R
1–3Cross left over right, kick right diagonally right x2 (10.30O’oclock)
4–6Step back right, Step L 1/8 turn L (9 O’clock), Cross R over L (7.30 O’clock)

Section 8: Step L, Close R, Hold, Step Back Diagonally L, ½ turn R Fwd R, ½ Turn R back L
1-3Step L into L diagonal, Step R next to L, Hold (7.30 O’clock)
4-6Step back L, make ½ turn R fwd R (1.30 O’clock), make ½ turn R step back on L (7.30 O’clock)

Section 9: Make 1/8 turn R step R to R, Rock Step Side rock step
1-3Making 1/8 turn R step R to R side,Rock back on ball of L, recover fwd R (9 O’clock)
4-6Step L to L side, Rock back ball of R, recover fwd L

Section 10: Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L, Make ½ turn R close R, Step Fwd L, ½ Turn L back R, back L
1-3Step Fwd R, Step Fwd L, Make ½ turn R closing R next to L (3 O’clock)
4-6Step Fwd L, make ½ turn L stepping back R, Step Back L (9 O’clock)

Section 11 Coaster Step, L Twinkle
1-3Step back R, Step l next to R, Step fwd R
4-5Cross L Diagonally fwd R, Step diagonally fwd R on R (11.30 O’oclock),
6Brush L past R stepping L diagonally L, (7.30 O’clock)

Section 12: R Twinkle, ½ turn Sweep
1-2Cross R Diagonally fwd L, Step diagonally fwd L on L , ( 7.30 O’clock)
3Brush R past L stepping R diagonally R, (11.30 O’clock)
4-6Make 1/8 turn L stepping fwd L (9 oclock), make ½ turn L sweeping R (2 Counts) (3 O’clock)


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