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Elvy Wadh (SWE) - May 2011
Dearly Dearly Darling by Jimmy Lagnefors. [Mamas Boys - movie]
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SECTION 1: Toe-Touches, Right Sailor step, Left Sailor step
1-4Cross R toe in front of Lf, touch out to left side x 2.
5&6Rf behind Lf, Lf to left side, Rf to right side.
7&8Lf behind Rf, Rf to right side, Lf to left side.

SECTION 2: 1/2 Unwind, Left Crosshuffle, Right Side Steps.
1-2Touch R toe behind Lf, unwind ½ turn right (6 o´clock, weight on Rf)
3&4Cross Lf over Rf, small step to right with Rf, cross Lf over Rf.
5-6Rf to right side, step Lf next to Rf.
7-8Rf to right side, touch Lf next to Rf.
( swing R arm in the air, anti clockweiss, like a lasso, when you do step 5-8 )
RESTART Nrs 1 & 2

SECTION 3: Left Chasse with 1/4 turn L, Heel Switches, Charlton steps with Clap.
1&2Step Lf to left side, step Rf next to Lf, make ¼ turn L, step Lf forward.
3&4&Touch R heel forward, step Rf beside Lf, touch L heel forward, step Lf beside Rf.
5-6Step Rf forward to the R diagonal, kick Lf forward & clap.
7-8Step Lf back to L diagonal, touch R toe back & clap.

SECTION 4: 1/2 Step Turn Left, 1/4 Step Turn Left with Finger clicks, Right Jazzbox.
1-2Step Rf forward, ½ turn left, finger clicks on count 2.
3-4Step Rf forward, ¼ turn left, finger clicks on count 4.
5-8Cross Rf over Lf, step back on Lf, step Rf to right side, step Lf forward.

RESTART Nr 1: Section 2 on wall 4 (12 o´clock), step Lf next to Rf instead of touch.
RESTART Nr 2: Section 2 on wall 9 (6 o´clock), same step as Restart 1.

TAG: 8 counts. - After wall 7 (6 o´clock)
1-4Swivel both heels to right, swivel toes to right, swivel heels to right & clap.
5-8Swivel both heels to left, swivel toes to left, swivel heels to left & clap.



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