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De Pietenswing

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Mandy Post & Tessa Jansen (NL) - December 2009
Ooh Oh HeeJoo by Coole Piet
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Intro 32 counts

Walk, Lock Step, ¼ Turn Right, Cross, ½ Turn Left, Chassé Left
1LF step forward
2&3RF step forward, LF lock behind R, RF step forward
4-5LF step forward, L+R turn ¼ right
6-7LF cross over RF, Turn ¼ left and RF step back
8&1Turn ¼ left and LF step to side, RF step together, LF step to side

Cross rock, Chassé Right, 2 Traveling Botafogo's Forward
2-3RF rock across L, recover on L
4&5RF step to R side, LF step together, RF step to side
6&7LF step across R, RF rock to R side, recover on L
8&1RF step across L, LF rock to R side, recover on R
During counts 14&15 and 16&17 you move forward

Pivot ½ Right, Kick Ball Step, Pivot ¼ Right, Cross Shuffle
2-3LF step forward, L+R ½ turn Right
4&5LF kick, LF step next to R, RF step forward
6-7LF step forward, L+R ¼ turn Right
8&1LF cross over RF, RF step to R side, LF cross over RF

Point, Point, Sailor Step, Point, Point, Sailor Step Left ¼ Turn
2-3Point RF forward. Point RF to the side
4&5RF step behind L, Step L to Left side, Step RF to R side
6-7Point LF forward, Point LF to L side
8&LF step behind R, Turn ¼ left and step R to side
The last count of the Sailor step is also the first count of the dance

Tag: And the end of the 1st wall, there is a 16 count tag:
Rolling Vine with a touch 2x
1-2¼ turn left and LF step forward, ½ turn left and RF step back
3-4¼ turn left and LF step to side, RF touch beside L
5-6¼ turn right and RF step forward, ½ right and LF step back
7-8¼ turn right and RF step to side, LF touch beside R

2 Samba Wisk's, 4x Hip Sway to side
1a2LF step to L side, Cross RF behind L placing weight on RF, Replace weight on LF
3a4RF step to R side, Cross LF behind R placing weight on LF, Replace weight on RF
5-6Sway L hip to L side, Sway R hip to R Side
7-8Sway L hip to L side, Sway R hip to R Side



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