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Dedication To My Ex
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Easy Intermediate
Alison Johnstone (Nuline dance)
"Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)" (Clean Version) by Lloyd [feat. Andre 3000 & Lil Wayne] Album: King Of Hearts (119 bpm)
Start: On Vocals on word BABY (16 seconds). CW rotation.

(1-8) Monteray ½, Chasse Right, Back Rock, Recover (6.00)
1, 2Point Right Toe to side, ½ Turn Right on ball of Left foot, Step Right next to Left with weight
3, 4Touch Left toe to side, Step Left next to Right with weight
5&6Chasse Right stepping Right side, Left next to Right, Right side
7, 8Rock Back on Left, Recover on Right

(9-16) Big Step Left, Slide Right into Left, Touch Right Toe To Left Instep Twice, Kick Right Forward Back Rock, Recover, Right Kick Ball Change (6.00)
1, 2Step Left to Side, Slide Right to Left (no weight)
3&4Touch Right toe to Left instep twice (3&), Low kick Right forward (Toe facing down)
5, 6Rock Back on Right, Recover on Left
7&8Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step onto left in place (Kick Ball Change)

(17-24) Toe Struts Right, Left, Right, Left Completing A Half Circle Over Right (12.00)
1- 8Right Toe Forward, Slap down heel (Toe Strut), Repeat Left, Right Left
(Snap fingers on Right Hand on Slap heel part of toe struts- Shimmying shoulders if you wish
Also the toe struts complete a ½ turn semi-circle over Right to face 12.00 Wall)

(25-32) Hip Bumps Forward On Right, Left, Right, Left (12.00)
1&2Step forward Right bumping hips forward, back, forward
3&4Step forward Left bumping hips forward, back, forward
5&6Step forward Right bumping hips forward, back, forward
7&8Step forward Left bumping hips forward, back, forward

(33-40) Rock Forward, Recover, ½ Right Turn Shuffle, Rock Forward, Recover, ¾ Left Turn Shuffle (9.00)
1, 2Rock forward on Right, Recover on Left,
3&4½ Turn over Right Shoulder Stepping Right forward, Step Left into Right, Step Right forward
5, 6Rock forward on Left, Recover on Right,
7&8¾ Turn over Left Shoulder Stepping Left forward, Step Right into Left, Step Left forward

(41-48) V Step Right Lead, V Step Right Lead (9.00)
1, 2Step diagonally forward on Right, step diagonally forward Left
3, 4Step back on Right, Step Left next to Right
5-8Repeat V Step as 1-4 above
(On 1st 2 counts of V try to step low sinking into knees for attitude)

(49-56) Back Rock, Recover, Right kick Ball Change, Prissy Walks Right, Left, Right, Left
1, 2Rock back on Right, Recover on Left,
3&4Kick Right forward. Step Right beside Left. Step onto left in place (Kick Ball Change)
5-8Prissy walks forward Right, left, Right, Left (Sexy Walks)

(57-64) Pivot ½ Over Left, Full Turn Over Left Or Walk Right Left, Step Right Forward, Side Rock, Step Left Into Right, Touch Right Into Left -Knee Across Left (3.00)
1, 2Step forward Right, Pivot ½ over Left
3, 4,½ Turn over Left stepping back on Right, ½ Turn over Left stepping forward on Left
5,Step forward on Right
6&7Rock Left to Side, Recover on Right, Step Left next to Right
8Touch Right into Left instep popping Right Knee across Left (Elvis Knee)

END OF DANCE: Wall 7 starting facing 6.00 from counts 33-
Rock Recover ½ Turn Shuffle and then Rock Recover FULL Turn Shuffle (Instead of ¾ Turn Shuffle) to face FRONT (12.00) Then POSE!


This dance is dedicated to Jan Chong who begged me to choreograph to this track.
I hope you enjoy

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