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Denim on Denim
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Meghan Rintjema - December 2018
Denim on Denim by Tebey Lyric version, not video version
Start dance 16 counts just before they lyrics.

[1-8] -- Step Right Touch Left, Step Left back touch right, Right Step Lock Step, Step Left Touch Right, step back Left Touch right, Left Step Lock Step.
1 & 2Step right foot forward on angle, and touch left foot behind right, Step back left touch right beside left.
3 & 4Step right foot forward on angle, step left foot behind right, step forward right.
5 & 6Step left foot forward on angle, and touch right foot behind left, Step back on right, touch left foot beside right.
7 & 8Step left foot forward on angle, step right foot behind left, step forward left.

[9 -16] – Step right foot forward, ½ turn left, continue another half turn left while shuffling Right, Rock back on Left, Step out Left, Step Out Right.
1- 2Step right foot forward, make a ½ turn over your left shoulder.
3 & 4Continue making another ½ turn over left, while shuffling R, L, R.
5 - 6Rock back on your left foot, recover weight onto your right.
7 - 8Step out onto your left (to left angle), step out onto your right (right angle)

[17-24] – Left Heel Swivel in, Right Heel swivel in, Left Coaster Step, Hop Out Right, Left and Hold, Double Hip Bump Right.
1 & 2Swivel left heel in, out, swivel right heel in, out.
&3 & 4Coaster back L, R, L.
&5-6Hop out Right, L, and hold.
7 & 8Bump your hips to the right twice.

[25-32] – Double Hip bump Left, Sway hips Right, Left, Slide R to right side, Slide L making ¼ turn L, Slide R making ¼ turn R, Slide L making ¼ L
1 & 2Double hip bump to Left.
3 - 4Swap hips R, Sway hips L
5 - 6Slide R foot to right side, slide left foot to left side while making a ¼ turn to the Left.
7 - 8Slide your right foot to right side while making a ¼ turn right, Slide your left foot to left side while making ¼ turn L.
Restart here on 3 and 5 wall.

[33-40] – Cross Right foot over left, making ½ turn taking weight onto R, Step Left foot behind Right, quickly step onto Right, Touch Left Heel Forward hold, Step Left Drag Right, Step Left Drag Right.
1 - 2Cross your right foot over left, make a ½ turn Left, and take weight onto Right foot.
&3 & 4Quickly step Left foot behind Right, quickly step onto right foot and touch left heel at left angle and hold
5 - 6Step onto left heel, drag right behind taking weight right.
7 - 8Step onto left heel, drag right behind taking weight right.

[40-48] – Step back Left, Step back Right, Shuffle back L, Touch Right Toe Back, ½ Turn over Right shoulder, Step ¼ turn L, Drag Right foot beside L and pop knee.
1 - 2Step back left foot, step back Right foot.
3 & 4Shuffle back L, R, L.
5 - 6Touch your right toe back, and make ½ right, taking weight onto Right.
7 - 8Step Loot foot ¼ turn Left, touch right foot beside left, pop Right Knee.

Start the dance Again.

Restart after 32 counts on walls 3 and 5.

Contact: 416-28-2959 email—oh-mylillamb@hotmail.com
Last Update – 6th Dec. 2018

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