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Derniere Danse

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Rex Chuan – December 2019
"Derniere Danse" by Indila
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Start: after 32 count

S1: Back Rock, Recover With Flick, Forward, Flick & Forward, Flick& Backward
12&34&Rock RF backward(1), recover(2), flick RF(&), step RF forward(3), hold 4, flick LF(&)
56&78Step LF forward(5), hold 6, flick LF(&), step LF backward(7), hold 8 (12:00)

S2: Ball Step Turn, Tap L, Ball Step, Tap R, Flick & R Slide, Scissor Step
&12&34Turn ¼ R and step RF in place(&), tap LF L(1), hold 2, step LF together(&), tap RF R(3), hold 4
&56&78Flick RF(&), slide RF R(5), drag LF together(6), step LF together(&), cross RF(7), hold 8 while move weight on RF for next move (3:00)

S3: Ball Step Turn, Step L, Heel Swivel With Head Turn, Shoulder Slants X2, Push Over LF, Back Cross, Side Rock, Recover, Ball Step Together
&12&3Turn ¼ R and step RF R(&), step LF L(1), hold 2, swivel L heel out while turn head R(&), swivel L heel back and turn head back(3)
4&5Slant shoulders R down L up(4), Slant shoulders L down R up(&), Slant shoulders back while pushing weight over LF and swing RF up in the side(5)
678&Cross RF behind LF(6), rock LF L(7), recover(8), step LF together(&) (6:00)

S4: Stomp, Turn & Stomp, Hip L-Back-R, Ball Step, L, Ball Step, L, Together
12Stomp RF R(1), turn ¼ R and stomp LF L(2)
34pump hip L(3) and around the back to the R(4) and end with weight over LF
&56Step RF together(&), step LF L(5), hold 6 while moving weight over LF
&78Step RF together(&), step LF L(7), tap RF together(8) (9:00)

Enjoy the dance!

( 01:45:06)


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