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Desperate & Stupid

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Kath Dickens (UK) - August 2012
Desperate Girls & Stupid Boys - Kimberly Caldwell
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Quick start on vocal.. “Drive”.

[1 - 8] Heel Grind 1/4 Turn Right, Touch Unwind 1/4 Right, Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle
1 - 2Dig Right Heel Forward (taking weight) make 1/4 turn to Right, step weight back on Left (3-00)
3 - 4Touch Right toe back behind Left, unwind 1/4 turn Right, (weight on Left) (6 -00)
5 - 6Step Right behind, step Left to side
7&8Cross Right over Left, step side Left, cross Right over Left

[9 - 16] Side, Hold & Cross, Hold, Side, Hold & Cross, Hold
1 - 2Step to side on Left, Hold
&3-4Stepping Right next to Left (&) Cross Left over Right, Hold
5 - 6Step to side Right, Hold
&7-8Stepping Left next to Right (&) Cross Right over Left, Hold

[17 - 24] Side, Behind 1/4 Shuffle, Step, 1/2 Pivot, Full Turn Forward
1 - 2Step side Left, Right behind Left
3&4Make 1/4 turn Left as you step forward on Left, step Right together, step forward on Left (3-00)
5 - 6Step forward on Right, pivot 1/2 turn Left (9-00)
7 - 8Make 1/2 turn Left stepping back on Right, make 1/2 turn Left stepping forward on Left, or..(Alt :Walk, Walk)

[25 - 32] Rock, Recover, Coaster, Step Pivot 1/4 x 2
1 - 2Rock forward on Right, recover weight back onto Left
3&4Step back on Right, step Left together, step forward on Right
5 - 6Step forward on Left and make 1/4 pivot turn Right (12-00)
7 - 8Step forward on Left and make 1/4 pivot turn Right (3-00)
**Restarts Here **

[33 - 40] Touch, Twist, Recover, Kick, Behind, Side, Cross Shuffle
1 - 2Touch ball of Left foot to diagonal Left, twist both heels to Left
3 - 4Recover both heels back to center taking weight on Right, kick Left to diagonal Left
5 - 6Step Left behind, step Right side
7&8Cross Left over Right, side Right, cross Left over Right

[41 - 48] Side Rock, Recover, 1/4 Sailor, Step, Pivot, Walk, Walk
1 - 2Rock Right out to side, recover weight on Left
3&4Sweep Right behind Left, make 1/4 turn Right stepping onto Left, step forward on Right (6-00)
5 - 6Step forward on Left, pivot 1/2 turn Right (12-00)
7 - 8Walk forward on Left, Right

[49 - 56] Rock, Recover, Triple 3/4 Turn Left, Rock, Recover, Coaster
1 - 2Rock forward on Left, recover weight on Right
3&4Make a triple 3/4 turn to Left (on the spot) stepping Left, Right, Left (3-00)
5 - 6Rock forward on Right, Recover weight on Left
7&8Step back on Right, step Left together, step forward on Right

[57 - 64] Point, Step, Point, Step, Point, Back, Point, Touch
1 - 2Point Left out to side, step forward on Left
3 - 4Point Right out to side, step forward on Right
5 - 6Point Left out to side, step back on Left
7 - 8Point Right out to side, touch Right next to Left

** Restart on walls 2 and 6 (both start at 3.00) Dance up to count 30 (first pivot) instead of doing the second pivot..
31(7) Make 1/4 turn Right stepping to side on Left
32(8) TOUCH..!! Right next to Left ready to start again.. (6.00)

TO FINISH** STAY FACING THE FRONT..!! (1 - 8) Right Heel grind forward, Right coaster, Repeat on the Left



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