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Devastating Love

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Advanced Rolling 8 Count
Raymond Sarlemijn (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - September 2019
Two Feet - Love Is A Bitch
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Intro : 16 counts

S1 : Cross Behind With Sweep R, Cross Behind, Touch L To L, Forward L With 1/2 Pirouette Turn L, Rock Forward R, Recover L With Sweep R, Cross Behind, Rock Side L, Recover R, Together With Kick R To R, 1/8 Turn L, Rock Forward R, Recover L With 1/2 Turn R , Forward R, Rock Forward L, Recover R, Back L
1a2LF cross behind RF whilst sweeping RF from front to back (1), RF cross behind LF (a), LF touch left (2)
3LF step forward hitching right knee up whilst making 1/2 turn left (3) (facing 06.00)
a4RF rock forward (a), recover onto LF whilst sweeping RF from front to back (4)
a5RF cross behind LF (a), LF rock left (5)
a6recover onto RF (a), LF step together whilst kicking RF up to right (6)
&7make 1/8 turn left (facing 04.30) whilst rocking forward onto RF (&), recover onto LF whilst making 1/2 turn right (7) (facing 10.30)
&8RF step forward (&), LF rock forward (8)
&arecover onto RF (&), LF step back

S2: 1/2 Turn R , Forward R With Sweep L, 1/8 Turn L, Cross, Rock Side R, Recover L, Cross, 1/2 Turn R With Flick R, Side R, Cross, Side, Rock Back L, Recover R, Side L, Modified Weave, Side L With Arm Movement, Modified Sailor R
1make 1/2 turn right stepping RF forward sweeping LF from back to front (1) (facing 04.30)
a2make 1/8 turn left (facing 03.00) crossing LF in front of RF (a), RF rock to right
a3recover onto LF (a), RF cross in front of LF (3)
a4make 1/4 turn right stepping LF back (facing 06.00) making another 1/4 turn right on LF flicking RF back and around (a) (facing 09.00), RF step right (4)
&a5LF cross in front of RF (&), RF step right (a), LF rock back (5)
&arecover onto RF (&), LF step left
6&aRF cross behind LF (6), LF step left (&), RF cross in front of LF (a)
7LF step left whilst raising hands from side of body from down totally forward and diagonally up with hand-palms up
8&aRF cross behind LF (8), LF step left (&), RF step right (a)
(*on counts 8&a finish your arm movement pulling both arms down next to body with fists)



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