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Dig Two

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Phrased Intermediate / Advanced
Jean Welser (USA) - October 2013
Better Dig Two - The Band Perry
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16 count lead-in

Alternate song choices: “Pirate Flag” (K. Chesney) and “Cruise” (Florida-Georgia Line)
(In alternate songs, dance is performed with one Pattern A alternating with one Pattern B and no Tags or Restarts)

1-2,3-4½ Monterey to right – Rt. foot out to side & return while making ½ turn, left foot to side and return
5-6,7-8Heel touches – Right heel touch in front and step back in place, left heel touch in front & return in place

1-2,3-4Toe touches – Rt. toe touches behind left foot & steps back in place, left toe touches behind rt. foot & returns
5-7,8Stomps – 3 stomps with right foot and hold for count 8

1-2,3-4½ Monterey to right – As above, returning to original wall
5-6,7-8Heel touches – As above

1-2,3-4Strutting jazz box right – Rt. cross over left, left step out to side
5-6,7-8quarter turn to right while stepping right, left in place

1-3,4-8Vine in/out right – Vine to right 3 steps (r,l,r), then 5 quick out-in-out steps with left foot

1-3,4-8Vine in/out left – Vine to left 3 steps (l,r,l), then 5 quick out-in-out steps with right foot

1-3,4Triple forward right – Shuffle/triple right, left, right, hold one count
5-7,8Triple forward left - Shuffle/triple left, right, left, hold one count

1-3,4Turn left – ½ turn to left using 3 steps (r,l,r) and hold one count
5-7,8Turn right – ½ turn to right using 3 steps (l,r,l) and hold one count

1-4Right heel hitch –Right heel touch forward, left heel lifts and sets down as right foot hitches, right heel touches
down, left heel lifts and touches down
5-7,8Stomps – Three stomps – right, left, right - and hold one count

1-4Left heel hitch - as above starting with left heel touching forward and right heel lifting and setting down
5-7,8Stomps – Three stomps – left, right, left – and hold one count

A, Tag 8, A, Tag 3
B, Tag 8, A, Tag 3
B, hold 2 beats, A
B (first 40 counts only – no left heel hitch)
A, Tag 3
B (first 32 counts only)
B (first 32 counts only)
A (first 16 counts only, slowly)

*NOTE: -
All 8 count Tags are performed as stomps - two stomps right, two left, two right, two left.
All 3 count Tags are also performed as stomps, but all 3 stomps are on right foot.

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