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Dirty Boots !

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Heather Shepherd - (Aust) - January 2019
Dirt On My Boots - Jon Pardi
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Easy # Restart

[1-8] Point steps, Scuff, Heel Twist
1-2-3-4Point Right Toe to Right side, Point Right Toe to Left foot, Point Right Toe to Right side, Touch Right Toe to Left foot
5-6Scuff Right foot Forward, Step
7&8Twist Right Heel (Syncopated) Keep Weight on Left foot

[1-8] Walk forward, Rock, Recover, 1/2 Turn Shuffle, Scuff
1-2-3Walk forward, R,L,R,
4-5Rock forward Left, Recover Right
6&7Shuffle 1/2 Turn Left, LRL
8Scuff Right foot forward

[1-8] Walk forward, Shuffle, Sway, Shuffle
1-2-3&4Walk forward R,L Shuffle R,L,R
5-6Step Left to Left side, Step Sway to Right with Right foot
7&8Shuffle on the spot, L,R,L

[1-8] Rock forward Rock back , Shuffle, Rock back, forward Shuffle
1-2Rock forward Right foot, Recover Left
3&4Shuffle back R,L,R
5-6Rock Back Left foot, Recover Right
7&8Shuffle forward L,R,L
Option Shuffle 1/2 turns R & L

# Facing 6.00 o'clock (on the 4th wall), Dance the first 15 counts you will leave out the scuff, ending with weight on your Left foot. ( you will be facing 12.00 clock wall )

Contact: Phone: 0410614445
Facebook: Cosmic Country Line Dancing

I Choreographed this dance last year so my Beginners can be on the floor as a split class with Erin Welsh’s Dance ‘DIRT ON MY BOOTS’.Thank you Erin for your Fabulous dance.

( 12:56:55)


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