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Dirty Stomp

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Beginner / Improver
Rhonda Hurles - May 2017
Dirt On My Boots by Jon Pardi
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(count 1-8) Toe, heel, stomp, swivels right & toe, heel, stomp, swivels left
1&2right toe touches inward next to left heel, rotate right toe outward and touch right heel next to left heel, stomp right foot down (into position 1)
3&4swivel to the right, heels, toes, heels (feet together)
5&6left toe touches inward next to the right heel, rotate left toe outward and touch left heel next to right heel, stomp left foot down (into position 1)
7&8swivel to the left, heels, toes, heels (feet together)

(Counts 9-16) Cross over steps right left, slide Right fwd touch left, triple stomp (R,L,R)
9&10cross right foot over left, rocking fwd onto right foot, return to position 1 (Feet together)
11&12cross left foot over right, rocking fwd onto left foot, return to Position1 (feet together)
13&14slide fwd taking weight onto right, body is angled at a slight diagonal facing left, touch left toe next to right heel
15&16triple step (stomps) in place (R,L,R)

(count 17-24) Left to right Diagonal slide touches backward, rock back left recover, right heel scuff with ¼ turn to left (wall change) stomp down right, left
17-18stepping back onto left foot slide diagonal backwards, touch right toe next to left foot
19-20stepping back onto right foot slide diagonal backwards, touch left toe next to right foot
21-22rock back onto left foot recover stepping fwd onto the left (stomp left foot)
23-24scuff right heel as you do a ¼ turn to the left (wall change) stomping down right then left

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PM July 25, 2018
Unbelievable! This dance was choreographed by Chance Phebus, sadly this is the 3rd time I have seen this wannabe choreographer steal someone's else's choreography and claim it as her own. So sad to see this happen in our dance community, especially by repeat offenders.

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