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Dj Falling In Love Again

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José Miguel Belloque Vane (NL) & Roy Verdonk (NL) - March 2011
DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (feat. Pitbull) - Carmen Reece : (Cover)
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NB: The clock indications are the directions you are facing!

Basic NC R/L, 11/4 turn R, walk L/R, rock/recover with 1/4 turn left
1RF step to right
2LF cross rock in Front of RF
&recover onto RF
3LF step to left
4RF cross rock in Front of LF
&recover onto LF
5make 1/4 turn right, step RF forward
&make 1/2 turn right, step LF back
6make 1/2 turn right, step RF forward
7LF step forward ( 3 o'clock )
&RF step forward
8LF rock forward
&recover onto RF, making 1/4 turn left ( 12 o'clock )

Step L, cross in Front, 1/2 turn right, diamond fall away, hipsways R/ L/R
1LF step to left
2RF cross in front of LF
&make 1/4 turn right,stepping LF back
3make 1/4 turn right, stepping RF to Side ( 6 o'clock )
4make 1/8 turn right, stepping LF forward ( 7.30 o'clock )
&RF step forward
5make 1/8 turn right step LF to left ( 3 o'clock )
6make 1/8 turn right step RF back
&step LF back
7make 1/8 turn right, step RF to right and sway hips to right ( 12 o'clock )
8sway hips to left **
&sway hips to right ( weight ends on RF)
**( NB restart dance from this point in wall 3 )

Cross rock/recover(2X), walks L/R/L, Full turn left
1LF cross in Front of RF
2recover onto RF
&LF step to Side
3RF cross in Front of LF
4recover onto LF
&RF step to Side
5LF step forward
6RF step forward
7LF step forward
8make 1/2 turn left, stepping RF back
&make 1/2 turn left, stepping LF forward ( 12 o'clock )

Hitch R, weave to L, sweep, weave to R, Side rock/recover, 1/2 turn R
1hitch right knee
2RF cross in Front of LF
&LF step Side
3RF cross behind LF, whilst sweeping LF from Front to back
4LF cross behind RF
&RF step Side
5LF cross in Front of RF
6RF rock to right
7recover onto LF
8RF cross in Front of LF, making 1/4 turn right
&LF step back, making 1/4 turn right ( 6 o'clock )

Restart after 16 counts in wall 3

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