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Do a Little Life

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Maddison Glover (AUS) & Michelle Risley (UK) - May 2016
Come Do a Little Life - Mo Pitney
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Begin dance after 8 counts, on vocals.

Walk, Walk, Mambo (sweep), Behind, Side, Cross, Fwd, Tap, Back, Kick
1,2,3&Step R fwd, step L fwd, rock fwd onto R, replace weight back onto L,
4Step back on R (whilst sweeping L around anti-clockwise)
5&6Step L behind R, step R to R side, cross L over R
7&8&Step R fwd onto R diagonal (1:30) ,tap L toe slightly behind R, step back on L, kick R fwd (1:30)
Modified restart occurs here 3rd wall: see below

Turning ¼ Coaster, Walk, Fwd, Together, Walk, Walk, Cross/Rock, Side/Rock
1&2Step back on R, turn 1/8 L stepping L together (12:00), turn 1/8 L stepping fwd on R (10:30)
3,4&Turn 1/8 L stepping fwd on L (9:00), turn 1/8 L stepping R fwd (7:30), step L together
5,6Turn 1/8 L stepping fwd on R (6:00), turn ¼ L stepping slightly fwd on L (3:00)
7&8&Cross/rock R over L,replace weight back on L, rock R to R, replace weight onto L
Note: The timing for this section is: Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Slow, Slow, Quick, Quick, Quick, Quick

Behind, Side, Cross, Side/ Replace, Cross, Vine 1/4, Fwd, Step ½ Pivot, ½ Turn Back
1&2,3&4Step R behind L, step L to L, cross R over L, rock L to L side, replace weight onto R, cross L over R
5&6Step R to R, step L behind R, turn ¼ R stepping fwd onto R (6:00)
7&8Step L fwd, pivot ½ turn over R (weights on R), make ½ turn over R whilst stepping back on L (6:00)

Back, Back, Cross x2, Side Toe/Heel Struts, Side/ Replace, Back, Together
1&2Step R back onto R diagonal, Step L back onto L diagonal, cross R over L (slightly angle shoulders L)
3&4Step L back onto L diagonal, step R back onto R diagonal, cross L over R (6:00)
5&6&Touch R toe to R side, drop R heel to floor, Cross/ touch L toe over R, drop L heel to floor
7&8&Rock R to R side, replace weight onto L, step back on R, step L together (6:00)

RESTART: During the third sequence, begin the dance facing 12:00. Dance to count (8). Replace the kick forward (&) by touching R beside L as you square up to 12:00 and RESTART.

Suggestion: There is a beginner line dance ‘HEY GIRL’ choreographed by Micaela Svensson Erlandsson that could be used as a split floor.

Michelle Risley: 07808772987 -

Maddison Glover: +61430346939 - www.linedancewithillawarra/maddy-glover


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