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Phrased High Intermediate
Vincent Dijks - Versteegh (NL) - October 2015
Info : Intro 18 counts (start on the word 'Girl')
Sequence : A, B, A, A26, Tag, A, B, A, A, A, A26, Tag, B, A

PART A – 56 counts
A1: Monterey ¼ Turn R (x2)
1RF point
2RF ¼ turn R, step beside
3LF point
4LF step beside
5RF point
6RF ¼ rechtsom, step beside
7LF point
8LF step beside

A2: Diag. Lock Step Fwd, Scuff (x2)
1RF step right diag. forward
2LF lock behind
3RF step forward
4LF scuff
5LF step left diag. forward
6RF lock behind
7LF step forward
8RF scuff

A3: Toe Strutting Jazz Box Cross
1RF touch R toe across L
2RF drop R heel
3LF touch L toe back
4LF drop L heel
5RF step R toe side
6RF dop R heel
7LF touch L toe across R
8LF drop L heel

A4: Side Rock Recover, Cross, Hold (x2)
1RF side rock
2LF recover
3RF cross over
5LF side rock
6RF recover
7LF cross over

A5: Vine, Kick Fwd, Side, Kick Fwd, Back, Hook
1RF step side
2LF cross behind
3RF step side
4LF kick forward
5LF step side
6RF kick forward
7RF step back
8LF hook

A6: Shuffle Fwd, Scuff, Fwd, Hold, Pivot ½ Turn L, Hold
1LF step forward
2RF close
3LF step forward
4RF scuff
5RF step forward
7R+L pivot ½ turn left

A7: Skates Fwd (With Hold)
1RF skate forward
3LF skate forward
5RF skate forward
6LF skate forward
7RF skate forward
8LF skate forward
5-8move your hands up

PART B – 48 counts
B1: ¼ Turn R Shuffle Fwd, ½ Turn R Shuffle Back, ¼ Turn R Chassé, Cross Rock Recover
1RF ¼ turn right, step forward
&LF close
2RF step forward
3LF ½ turn right, step back
&RF close
4LF step back
5RF ¼ turn right, step side
&LF close
6RF step side
7LF cross rock
8RF recover

B2: ¼ Turn L Shuffle Fwd, ½ Turn L Shuffle Back, ¼ Turn L Chassé, Cross Rock Recover
1LF ¼ turn left, step forward
&RF close
2LF step forward
3RF ½ turn left, step back
&LF close
4RF step back
5LF ¼ turn left, step side
&RF close
6LF step side
7RF cross rock
8LF recover

B3: Side, Drag, Rock Behind Recover (x2)
1RF step side
2LF drag L towards
3LF rock back
4RF recover
5LF step side
6RF drag R towards
7RF rock back
8LF recover

B4: K Step: Fwd, Touch, Back, Touch, Back, Touch, Fwd, Scuff, (optional Claps)
1RF step right diag. forward
2LF touch beside
3LF step left back
4RF touch beside
5RF step right back
6LF touch beside
7LF step left diag. forward
8RF scuff
option count 2,4,6,8: clap

B5: Cross, Back, Side, Hold (x2)
1RF cross over
2LF step backward
3RF step side
5LF cross over
6RF step back
7LF step side

B6: Kick Fwd, Cross, Side Rock Recover, Kick Fwd, Close, Point, Touch
1RF kick forward
2RF cross over
3LF side rock
4RF recover
5LF kick forward
6LF close
7RF point
8RF touch beside

Start over

3RF touch beside



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