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Do Me No Wrong

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Jill Babinec & Debi Pancoast (USA) - March 2015
'Don't You Do Me No Wrong' by Imelda May. Album: No Turning Back
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East Coast Swing Based Line Dance (with User Friendly Options) UFO

Intro 16 counts to start with lyrics

[1-8] Reverse Pivot, Triple Back, Reverse Pivot, Triple Back
1-2Step back R while starting rotation to right, turn ½ right changing weight to L to face 6:00
(UFO: Rock back R, Recover forward L)
3&4Triple step back R, L, R
5-6Step back L while starting rotation to left, turn ½ left changing weight to R to face 12:00
(UFO: Rock Forward L, Recover back R)
7&8Triple step back L, R, L

[9-16] Rock Recover, Sugar Foot R, Sugar Foot L
1-2Rock back R, Recover forward L
3Swivel on ball of L twisting lower body towards left corner as you touch R toe next to L instep
(UFO: Touch R toe next to L instep)
4Swivel on ball of L twisting lower body towards right corner as you touch R heel forward
(UFO: Touch R heel forward)
5Swivel on ball of L twisting lower body towards left as you step R across L
(UFO: Step R across L)
6Swivel on ball of R twisting lower body towards right corner as you touch L toe next to R instep
(UFO: Touch L toe next to R instep)
7Swivel on ball of R twisting lower body towards left corner as you touch L heel forward
(UFO: Touch L heel forward)
8Swivel on ball of R twisting lower body towards right as you step L across R
(UFO: Step L across R)
*Restarts happen here on 6th time and 10th time

[17-24] Double Kick, Behind, Rock, Recover, Behind, ¼, Forward
1,2Two low kicks on right diagonal with R foot (kick “from the knee” and toes are pointed)
(UFO: Rock side R, Recover side L)
3,4Step R behind L, Rock side L
5,6Recover weight side R, Step L behind R
7,8Turn ¼ right stepping forward R to face 3:00, Step forward L

[&25-32] Ball Step, Hold (3 cts), Boogie Walk, Rock, Recover
&1Small step forward on ball of R, Step L forward with intent
(This is a “hit” in the music on some walls so a slight lunge to a good “freeze” position feels good on these walls)
2,3,4On the “freeze” walls, just hold your position… On the other walls where the music continues, you can do what you like to keep some movement going, or swing your hips or move your shoulders L, R, L so weight ends on L.
5,6Walk forward R swinging hips and knees to right, Walk forward L swinging hips and knees left
(UFO: Walk forward R, L)
7,8Rock forward R, Recover back on L

*Restarts: There are 2 instrumental sections in this track and each has a Restart.
The first Restart occurs during the 6th wall facing 3:00 and
The second Restart occurs during the 10th wall facing 12:00.
You will dance the first 16 counts to finish your Sugar Foot, and Restart at the top of the dance with the reverse pivot.

This step sheet may be freely copied intact, however, modifications to this step sheet may not be made without the permission of the choreographers. – [01-31-2015]

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