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Doctor You

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David Ackerman - February 2017
Doctor You - DNCE
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Intro: 8 Counts

[1-8] Kick-Ball-Cross, Hold, Full Unwind, Step, Point, Cross, Side
1&2Kick R low, Step ball of R under body, Touch L crossing over R
3,4Hold (3), Unwind pushing off of the R bring weight to left as you make a full turn,
5,6Step R down, Touch L to left side
7,8Cross L over R, Step R to right side

[9-16] ¼ Coast w/ Point, Ball-Step, Forward, ½ Turn, Back, Clap x2
1&2Make ¼ turn left stepping L back (9:00), Step R next to L, Touch L toe forward
3&4Hold (3), Step ball of L under body, Step R forward
5,6,7Step L forward, Make a ½ turn left stepping R back, Step L back
&8Clap hands (&), Clap hands (8)

[17-24] Back, Tap, Forward, ¼ Turn, Triple Turn, Side Rock
1,2Step R back, Tap L next to R
3,4Step L forward, Make a ¼ turn left stepping R to right side (12:00)
5&6Make a full turn turning left stepping LRL (12:00)
*Restart here on wall 10
7,8Step R to right side, Recover weight L

[25-32] Behind-Side-Cross, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn, Back w/ Knee Pop x3, Hip Bump
1&2Step R behind L, Step L to left side, Cross R over L
3,4Make a ¼ turn left stepping L forward (9:00), Make a ½ turn left stepping R back (3:00)
5,6,7Step back LRL (as you step back pop the opposite knee forward)
&8Lift R hip up (&), Bring R hip back to neutral position (8)

*Restart: Wall 10 after 22 counts (Triple Turn) restart the dance facing 3:00

Note: The Hip bump and the Claps are interchangeable.


Marsd24 February 21, 2017
LOve~~Love~~Love~~ Gotta do a demo video~ ^_^ - Grace -

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