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Dogwood Trees and Honey Bees

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Improver waltz
Felicia Harris Jones (USA) - June 2016
Outskirts of Heaven - Craig Campbell
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Choreographer notes:
This dance is choreographed and dedicated to my much-loved grandparents, who raised me. My GaGa who taught me to love Dogwood Trees from a very young age and my late PaPa who was a part-time Honey Beekeeper late in his retirement- when he wasn’t fishing. It was also danced live for the artist, Craig Campbell, who gave his touching approval of the step sheet.

Starts on lyrics. Weight should be forward on left. No Tags / No Restarts

Section 1- Back Basic Waltz, Cross ¼ Turn ¼ Turn
1 2 3 -Step back on right, Step left next to right, Step right in place
4 5 6 -Cross left over right, Step back on right making ¼ turn left, Step left to side making ¼ turn left
(facing 6:00- weight on left)

Section 2- Cross Rock Recover Step, Cross Rock Recover ¼ Turn
1 2 3 -Rock right across left, Recover to left, Step right next to left
4 5 6 -Rock left across right, Recover to right, Step left to side making ¼ turn left

Section 3- Forward Basic Waltz, Roll Back (full turn) *Beginner Option Below
1 2 3 -Step forward on right, Step left next to right, Step right in place
4 5 6 -Making ½ turn to left- Step forward on left, Making ¼ turn to left- Step right to right side, Making ¼ turn to left- Step back on left
*As a beginner option for 4 5 6 : Basic Back on Left- Step back on left, Step right next to left, Step left in place

End of Dance. Start Again. No Tags or Restarts.

Please do not alter this dance in any way. If you wish to use this dance on your website or share with your students, please keep it in its original format and include all contact info as listed on step sheet.
All rights reserved.


Last Update - 3rd June 2016


Countryrose June 6, 2016

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