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Phrased Intermediate
William Sevone (UK) - December 2001
Bad Case Of Loving You - Robert Palmer : ("Secrets" / "Greatest Hits'')
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Dance Sequence:- AAB–AAAB–AAA+TAG–B–AAB–A to count 24, see dance finish
Choreographers note:- Due to the tempo and phrasing of this dance, it is ideally suited for the experienced Intermediate dancers.
Always remember - 'The beat may reach your feet - but the rhythm should electrify your soul'.
Dance start's on the word Night as in 'Hot summer night....' with feet together and weight on the left .

2x Rock-Rock-Cross Shuffle (12:00).
1 - 2 Rock right to right side. Recover onto left.
3& 4 Cross right over left, step left to left side, cross right over left.
5 - 6 Rock left to left side. Recover onto right .
7& 8 Cross left over right, step right to right side, cross left over right.

Side. 3/4 Left. Kick Ball Stomp. Fwd. 1/2 Left. Fwd. 1/4 Left Behind (6:00).
9 - 10 Step right to right side. Turn 3/4 left & step forward onto left (3).
11& 12 Kick right forward, step right next to left, stomp left slightly forward.
13 - 14 Step forward onto right. Pivot 1/2 left (weight on left) (9).
15 - 16 Step forward onto right. Turn 1/4 left & step left behind right (6).

Syncopated Weave. 1/4 Left Side. Diagonal Kick Ball Forward (3:00).
&17 Step right next to left, cross left over right.
&18 Step right next to left, step left behind right.
&19 Step right next to left, cross left over right.
&20 Step right next to left, step left behind right.
21 - 22 Step right next to left. Turn 1/4 left & step left to left side (3).
23& 24 Kick right diagonally forward left, step right next to left, step slightly forward onto left.

Shuffle. Diagonal Kick Ball Forward. Fwd. 1/2 Right. Shuffle (9:00).
25& 26 Shuffle forward stepping: R.L-R.
27& 28 Kick left diagonally forward right, step left next to right, step right slightly forward.
29 - 30 Step forward onto left. Pivot 1/2 right (weight on right) (9).
31& 32 Shuffle forward stepping: L.R-L.

TAG: End of the 8th wall facing 12 O'clock -
33 - 34 Step right slightly to right. Step left slightly to left.
35 - 36 Clap hands at chest height. Repeat

2x Side Step-Drag-Stamps. Hip Roll.
1 Large step right to right side.
2 - 4 Slide/drag left next to right - with left hand on left thigh (moving upwards to hip).
5 - 6 Stamp left next to right, twice.
7 Large step left to left side.
8 - 10 Slide/drag right next to left - with right hand on right thigh (moving upwards to hip).
11 - 12 Stamp right next to left, twice.
13 - 16 Roll hips clockwise over the four counts in a figure of 8 (bending knees slightly).

DANCE FINISH: On 11th wall, dance counts 1 - 22 to end facing 3 O'clock then:
23 - 24 Step forward onto right. Pivot ¼ left (transferring weight to left – touch right next to left).


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