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Dolly's Secret

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Beginner / Intermediate
Mathew Sinyard (UK) & Marcus Chaplin - July 2008
Better Get to Livin' - Dolly Parton
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Rock And Cross, Rock & Cross, Cross, Step Back, Triple Back
1&2 Rock right to right side, cross right over left
3&4 Rock left to left side, cross left over right
5&6 Cross right over left, step left back
7&8 Triple back (right-left-right)

Backwards Coaster, Rock, Recover, Triple ½ Right, Step-Turn-Right, Step-Turn-Right
9&10 Backwards left coaster
11&12 Rock right forward foot, recover onto left
13&14 Triple ½ turn right
15&16 Step turn ½ right, step turn ½ right
Alternative to 15&16: walk left, walk right

Cross And Kick, Cross And Kick, Cross Shuffle, Rock, Recover
17&18 Cross left over right, step back right tapping left heel diagonally forward (11:00)
19&20 Cross right over left, step back left tapping right heel diagonally forward (1:00)
21&22 Cross shuffle left over right (left-right-left)
23&24 Rock right to right side and recover

Cross Shuffle, Turn, Turn, Rock, Recover, Backwards Coaster
25&26 Cross shuffle right over left (right-left-right)
27 Step left to side turning ¼ right
28 Step right to side turning ¼ right
29&30 Rock left forward and recover
31&32 Backwards coaster on left

Shuffle Forward, Step-Turn ½, Shuffle Forward, Step-Pivot ¼, Cross Shuffle
33&34 Shuffle forward (right-left-right)
35 Step forward left, turn ½ right
36&37 Shuffle forward (left-right-left)
38 Step forward right, pivot ¼ left
39&40 Cross shuffle right over left

Step, Turn ¼, Step, Turn ¼, Rock, Recover, Coaster Step
41&42 Step left to side, turn ¼
43&44 Step right to side, turn ¼
45&46 Rock left forward, recover
47&48 Coaster step


TAG: On wall 5, steps 17-20
17&18&19 Step in place x3 (left-right-left)
20 Hold for 1 count

Restart dance at count 1


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