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Don't Be Silent
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High Intermediate
Adeline Cheng (Nuline Dance Malaysia) & EWS Winson - September 2019
Speechless by Naomi Scott
Intro: 8 counts in (approx. 0.08 sec)
Note: This dance won the 1st place in the German Dance Cup Choreography 2019

#1 (1-8) R Back with L Forward Low Kick, L Coaster Step with R Sweep 1/8 (L), R Cross, L Side, R Back, L-R Syncopated Rocking Steps, ¼ (R) Rotate Torso, R Toes Raise with L Swing & 1/8 (R)
1Weight on LF facing R diagonal: Step RF back whilst doing a low kick LF forward (1) 1.30
2&3Step LF back (2), close RF beside LF (&), step LF forward sweeping RF from back to front making a 1/8 L (3) 12.00
4&5Cross RF over LF (4), step LF to L side (&), step RF behind LF (5) - this is not a cross 12.00
6&aRock LF forward (6), rock RF back (&), rock LF forward (a) - similar to quick sways 12.00
7-8Bend forward from the waist turning ¼ R transferring weight to RF (7), upper body continues to be down and around, then recover up to R side reaching R hand up whilst making a 1/8 R with R toes slightly raised and swing LF to L side (8) - R hand is moving in a circular motion 4.30

#2 (9-16) L Forward 3/8 (R), L-R Syncopated Cross Rock Side, L Cross & R Back Hook, R Step, ¼ (L) with L Forward, R Forward & Spiral Full (L), L Forward, R Touch with Knees Bent
1-2Step LF forward (1), turn 3/8 R shifting weight to RF (2) 9.00
3&aCross rock LF over RF (3), recover weight on RF (&), step LF to L side (a) 9.00
4&aCross rock RF over LF (4), recover weight on LF (&), step RF to R side (a) 9.00
5Cross LF over RF hooking RF behind LF (5) - open body to R diagonal 9.00
6&7Step RF back (6), turn ¼ L stepping LF forward (a), step RF forward making a full turn L ended with LF crossing over RF (7) 6.00
8&Step LF forward (8), touch R toes beside LF bending both knees (&) *** 6.00
Bridge here on Wall 1 - Hold for 2 counts and proceed with the third section.

#3 (17-24) R Side, 1/8 (L) with L Back, R Back, ¼ (L) with L Forward, R-L Forward, 1/8 (L) with R Side & L Touch with Body Collapsed, L Side, R Cross, ¼ (R) with L Back
1-2&Step RF to R side (1), turn 1/8 L stepping LF back (2), step RF back (&) 4.30
3-4&Turn ¼ L stepping LF forward (3) ***, step RF forward (4), step LF forward (&) 1.30
Restart here on Wall 5. Change the walking steps to ‘Rock RF forward (4), recover weight on LF (&).’ Begin the dance again, facing 1.30 o’clock.
5-6Turn 1/8 L stepping RF to R side (5), touch L toes beside RF with body collapsed at R diagonal (6) 12.00
7-8&Step LF to L side (7), cross RF over LF (8), turn ¼ R stepping LF back (&) 3.00

#4 (25-32) ¼ (R) with R Basic Nightclub, L-R Syncopated Side Rock Cross, L Back & R Sweep, 1/8 (R) with R Back Rock & Recover, Full Turn (L), R Forward Rock & Recover
1-2&Turn ¼ R stepping RF to R side (1), rock LF behind RF (2), recover weight on RF slightly crossing over LF (&) 6.00
3&aRock LF to L side (3), recover weight on RF (&), cross LF over RF (a) 6.00
4&aRock RF to R side (4), recover weight on LF (&), cross RF over LF (a) 6.00
5Step LF back sweeping RF from front to back (5) 6.00
6&Turn 1/8 R rocking RF back (6), recover weight on LF (&) 7.30
7&Turn ½ L stepping RF back (7), turn ½ L stepping LF forward (&) 7.30
8&Rock RF forward (7), recover weight on LF (&) 7.30

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