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Don't Blame Me!

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Steve Bisson (UK) & Denise Bisson (UK) - December 2017
It Ain't My Fault - Brothers Osborne
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Intro: 42 counts from the opening drum beats – start on vocals (58 counts from the beginning of the track).
Three Tags of two counts, plus one restart.

Forward Rock Step, Coaster Step x 2
1-2Rock right forward, recover on left
3&4Right back, left beside right, right forward
5-6Rock left forward, recover to right
7&8Left back, right beside left, left forward
*Restart here during wall 8 facing 3 o’clock

¼ Pivot Turn Left x 2, Forward Rock Step, Back Rock Step
1-2Step right forward, pivot ¼ turn left and recover on left [9:0]
3-4Step right forward, pivot ¼ turn left and recover on left [6:0]
5-6Rock right forward, recover on left
7-8Rock right back, recover on left

Right Side Triple, Back Rock Step, Triple ¼ Turn Right, Back Rock Step
1&2Right to right side, left beside right, right to right side
3-4Rock left back, recover on right
5&6Left to left side making ¼ turn right, right beside left, left to left side [9:0]
7-8Rock right back, recover on left

Across, Point x 2, Across, Diagonal Back, Side, Together
1-2Right across left, point left to left side
3-4Left across right, point right to right side
5-6Right across left, left back to left diagonal
7-8Right to right side, left beside right


Tag: At the end of walls 2 (6:0), 4 (12:0) and 9 (12:0). Back Rock Step
1-2Rock right back, recover on left – for added styling, as you rock right back raise your left knee keeping toes on the floor for count 1, then recover your weight fully on left for count 2.

Restart: During wall 8, complete Section 1 and repeat (restart) facing 3 o’clock wall

Choreographer’s note: The Tags and Restart on not as easily defined as in most songs but work with us and you will find everything fits into place!



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