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Don't Bother Me

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Phrased Low Intermediate
Melody Lee (TW) - October 2020
Don't Bother Me [別找我麻煩] - Tanya Chua [蔡健雅]
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Sequence: AB AB BA(Sec.5-Sec.10) Tag A(Sec.5-Sec.10) BB

A S1: Cross,Pointx2,Tap Flick Step ,Rocking chair, Turn1/4 Side Rock Cross
1&2&RF cross LF point, RF step side,LF cross RF point, LF step side
3&4RF cross LF point fwd, Flick RF,Step RF fwd
5&6&Step LF fwd, Recover to RF, Step LF back, Recover to RF
7&8Step LF fwd, Turn1/4 weight on RF, LF cross RF (3h)

A S2: Toe Strut, Side Rock Cross,Toe Strut, Side Rock Cross
1&2&Touch RF side, Drop RF heel down, Touch LF cross RF, Drop LF heel down
3&4Step RF to R side, Recover to LF, RF cross LF
5&6&Touch LF side, Drop LF heel down, Touch RF cross LF, Drop RF heel down
7&8Step LF to L rock, Recover to RF, LF cross RF

A S3: Side, Behind, 1/4Turn R , Step,1/4Turn R, Jazz Box,Side drag
1&2Step RF side, Step LF behind,Turn1/4 R Step RF fwd (6h)
3 4Step LF fwd, Turn1/4 R weight on RF (9h)
5&6&Step LF cross RF, Step RF back, Step LF left side,Step RF cross LF
7 8Step LF to left, drag RF

A S4: Walk R-L-R-L, Full Turn Run R-L-R-L-R-L-R ,Shrug Shoulders
1 2 3 4Turn1/4 R Walk fwd briskly:R-L-R-L (12h)
5&6&7&8Make a clockwise circle run:R-L-R-L-R-L-R, Shrug shoulders

A S5: Flick&Flick&Flick&Flick,Charleston
1&2&3&4Flick RF, Drop RF down, Flick LF, Drop LF down, Flick RFx2, Drop RF down
5 6 7 8Touch LF fwd, Step LF back, Touch RF back, Step RF fwd

A S6: Charleston, Chasse left, Chasse Right
1 2 3 4Touch LF fwd, Step LF back, Touch RF back,Step RF fwd
5&6 7&8Chasse to the left L-R-L, Chasse to the right R-L-R

A S7: Flick&Flick&Flick&Flick,Charleston
1&2&3&4Flick LF, Drop LF down, Flick RF, Drop RF down, Flick LFx2,Drop LF down
5 6 7 8Touch RF fwd, Step RF back, Touch LF back, Step LF fwd

A S8: Charleston, Chasse right, Chasse Left
1 2 3 4Touch RF fwd, Step RF back, Touch LF back, Step LF fwd
5&6 7&8Chasse to the right R-L-R, Chasse to the left L-R-L

A S9: Touch, Touch, Kick,Weave x2
1&2Touch and bend RF knee toward LF,Touch and bend RF outward,Kick RF diagonally
3&4Step RF behind, Step LF side, Step RF cross
5&6Touch and bend LF knee toward RF,Touch and bend LF outward, Kick LF diagonally
7&8Step LF behind, Step RF side, Step LF cross

A S10: Step Back, Step Forward, Kick & Kick, Rock R, Rock L
1 2 3 4Step RF back, Hold ,Step LF forward, Hold ( make a begging pose)
5&6&Kick RF fwd , Step RF down, Kick LF fwd, Step LF down
7 8Rock RF to the right, Rock LF to the left
*****Section1-Secton4 only dance twice on Wall1&Wall2*****************

B S1: Jazz Box, Shuffle fwd,1/2 Turn,Chase 1/2Turn
1 2 3 4&5Step RF Cross LF, Step LF back, Step RF side, Shuffle fwd L-R-L
6 7 8&1Step RF fwd,1/2Turn left weight on LF, Step RF fwd,1/2Turn L,Step RF fwd(12h)

B S2: Kick,Back, Coaster,Step fwd fwd out
2 3 4&5Swing LF fwd, Step LF back, Step RF back, Close LF next to RF, Step RF forward
6 7 8Step LF fwd, Step RF fwd, Step LF side



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