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Beginner / Intermediate
Gabi S (SWE) - July 2010
Alejandro - Lady Gaga
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S1: Walk, Walk, Anchor Step, Shuffle Back, ½ Turn Step
1-2 Right walk fwd, left walk fwd
3&4 Cross right behind left, rock fwd onto left, step back on right
5&6 Left shuffle back step, left right left
7-8 Turn ½ to right step right fwd, step left fwd

S2: Shuffle Back Diagonal X2, ¼ Turn, ½ Turn ¼ Turn Touch
1&2 Right shuffle back right left right diagonal
3&4 Left shuffle back left right left diagonal
5-6 Turn ¼ to right step fwd, turn ½ step left back,
7-8 Turn ¼ step right to right side, touch left beside

S3: Rock To Side Recover, Cross Shuffle, Touch Flick, Shuffle Fwd
1-2 Left rock to left side , recover to right.
3&4 Cross left over right, step right to side, cross l eft over right
5-6 Right touch to right side, right flick out to right side & slightly behind left
7&8 Right shuffle fwd right left right

S4: Rock Recover, Shuffle Turn ½ X2, ¼ Turn Step
1-2 Left rock fwd, recover to right
3&4 Turn ½ step left fwd to left ,step right beside ,step left fwd
5&6 Turn ½ step right back , step left beside right , step right back
7-8 Turn ¼ step left to left side, step right beside left.
RESTART: Wall 3 and 7. Make a touch at last step and start again.

S5: Cross X4, Rock Recover,Costerstep
1&2& Cross left over right, right step small step to side, cross left over right, right small step to side.
3&4 Cross left over right,right small step to side, cross left over right
5-6 Right rock to side, recover
7&8 Step right back, step left next to right, step right fwd

S6: Step Turn ½, Shuffle Fwd, Mambo Step, Step Back Touch.
1-2 Left step fwd, turn ½ to right weight on right
3&4 Left step fwd, right step next to left, left step fwd
5&6 Rock fwd on right, recover to left, step back on right
7-8 Step left back, touch right beside left.

Start Again

RESTART: 3 and 7 wall after 32 counts, make a touch at last step and start again


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