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Don't Come Cryin'

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Kathryn Rowlands (WLS) - October 2016
Don't Come Cryin' To Me - Vince Gill
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Intro: 32 counts

[1-8] Toe Struts, Rock & Cross
1-2Touch right toe down, heel down, slightly to right
3-4Touch left toe down across right foot, heel down [x-strut]
5-6-7-8Right foot rock to right, recover on left, right foot cross over left, Pause [12:00]

[9-16] Step-Touch x2, Coaster, Scuff
9-10Left foot step to left, right toe touch beside left
11-12Right foot step to right, left toe touch beside right
13-14-15-16Left foot step back, right foot step beside left, left foot step forward, right heel scuff forward [12:00]

[17-24] Diagonal Step-Lock Steps x2
17-18-19-20Right foot step forward to right diagonal, lock left foot behind right, step right foot forward, left heel scuff forward
21-22-23-24Left foot step forward to left diagonal, lock right foot behind left, step left foot forward, right heel scuff forward [12:00]

[25-32] Step-Pivot, Walk x2, Rock Step, Stomp-up x2
25-26Right foot step forward, turn ½ left [weight on left]
27-28Right foot step forward, left foot step forward
29-30-31-32Right foot rock forward, recover on left, right heel stomp-up twice
Begin again

* For a neat ending, as the track comes to an end, you will be facing 6:00. Start the dance with the toe struts, then step forward on right foot and pivot-turn left to face 12:00 as the music ends.


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