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Don't Forget To Remember 2022

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Theo Seto Sundoro (INA) & Jefry Jefry (INA) - January 2022
Don't Forget to Remember - Die Campbells
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S1 : Modified Rumba box
1-2 Step R to side, Close step L Beside R
3&4 Step R Forward, Close L Beside R, Step R Forward
5-6 Step L to side, Close R Beside L
7&8 Step L forward, Close R Beside L, Step L forward

S2: Cross Rock - Turn ¼ Right Shuffle Forward - Forward - Turn ¼ Right Cross shuffle
1-2 Cross R over L, Recover on L
3&4 Turn 1/4 Right Step R Forward, close L Beside R, Step R Forward
5-6 Step L forward, Turn 1/4 Right Step R in Place
7&8 Cross L over R, Step R to side, Cross L over R

S3: Diagonal Kick - Back Cross- Side - Cross (R-L)
1-2 Step R Kick Diagonal Forward, Step R Back Cross Behind L
3-4 Step L to side, Cross R over L
5-6 Step L Kick Diagonal Forward, Step L Back Cross Behind R
7-8 Step R to side, Cross L over R

S4: V Step - Jass box Turn 1/4 Right
1-2 Step R Diagonal Forward, Step L Diagonal Forward
3-4 Step R Back to Center, Step L Close Beside R
5-6 Cross R over L, turn 1/4 Right Step L Back
7-8 Step R To Side, Step L forward

Enjoy The Dance


Mirai January 4, 2022
Semangat berkarya...😉👍

Erni January 5, 2022
Vote #9 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Reina Dewiana January 5, 2022
Vote 14

Novi3NLD January 5, 2022
Done Vote💃

Lucichryz January 11, 2022
V24 😍

Hann21921 May 6, 2022
Nice dance and demo. Good selection of song, an old song which is a favorite of mine. Thank you for choreographing.

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