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Don't Let Go

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Antoinette Claassens (NL) - March 2019
"Nuz Ngatai Don't Let Go" by The Koi Boys
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Intro: 16 counts - (dance starts on word GO (“take my hand and don’t let go”)

Side, cross behind, (sweep) behind-side-cross R + L
1 – 2RF step R side, LF cross behind
3 & 4RF cross behind, LF step L side RF cross over
5 – 6LF step left side, RF cross behind
7 & 8LF cross behind, RF step R side LF cross over

Mambo-cross R + L (traveling fwd), Fwd mambo, coaster-cross
1 & 2RF rock R side, recover on LF, RF cross over
3 & 4LF rock L side, recover on RF, LF cross over
(count 1 - 4 move forward)
5 & 6RF rock fwd, recover on LF, RF step back
7 & 8LF step back, RF close, LF cross over

1/4 R Shuffle fwd, step, rock 1/4 R, cross, triple turn 3/4 L, fwd mambo
1 & 2RF step fwd 1/4 turn R, LF close, RF step fwd
3 & 4LF rock fwd, recover on RF ¼ Turn R, LF cross over
5 & 6RF step back 1/4 turn L, LF step aside 1/4 turn L, RF step fwd 1/4 turn L
7 & 8LF rock fwd, recover on RF, LF step next to RF

Side mambo with touch, step-rock-step back R + L, Back mambo with touch
1 & 2RF rock R side, recover on LF, RF touch beside LF
3 & 4RF step back, recover on LF, RF step back
5 & 6LF step back, recover on RF, LF step back
7 & 8RF rock back, recover on LF, RF touch beside LF


prbruce57 March 22, 2019
Love this dance taught it to both my beginner classes. The new beginner class struggled but they have only been dancing since October 2018. The other class who have been dancing for years and had no problem, they liked the dance and music and danced it twice. This is always a good sign.

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