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Don't Say My Name
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Easy Intermediate
Sandy Kerrigan (Sydney) Australia – January 2019 - Version 1:00
The Last Word / Frances / Album: Frances / iTunes
Dance Info: Dance starts wt on L – Dance Starts on Lyric..’Admit’.. BPM [180] Track 3:20

Right Cross Twinkle, Sweep with ¼ Turn Left into Hook 9:00
1 2 3Cross R over L, Rock L to L Side, Rock R to R Side
4 5 6Cross L over R, Turning ¼ L-Sweep R around, Hook R over L
Note: Replace the R hook on Lyric…touch, touch R across L.

Cross R over L, ¼ R Back, ½ R Fwd, Fwd, Slow ½ Pivot Turn R 12:00
1 2 3Cross R over L, Turning R-1/4 R Step Back on L, ½ R-Step Fwd R
4 5 6Step Fwd L, Slow ½ Pivot Turn R over 2 counts –wt on R

Step Fwd, ½ L Back, ¼ L Fwd, Fwd R Coaster Step 3:00
1 2 3Step Fwd L, Turning L- ½ L Step Back on R, ¼ L small Step Fwd L
4 5 6Step Fwd R, Step L next to R, Step Back on R

Step Back L, Sweeping Around Back, Step Back R, Sweep L Back with ¼ L, Hitch L 12:00
1 2 3Step Back L, Sweep R Around and Back
4 5 6Step Back R, Sweep L with ¼ Turn L, Hitch L to L Side

Cross Behind, ¼ R Fwd, Fwd Lunge, Replace, 3/8th L Fwd, Step Fwd R Side R45ْ
1 2 3Cross/Step L Behind R, Turning ¼ R Step Fwd R, Lunge Fwd on L 3:00
4 5 6Replace Back to R, Turning 3/8th L-Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R

Basic L Waltz on Diagonal, Reverse Waltz with ½ Turn L-Facing Back L45ْ
1 2 3Basic L Waltz Fwd Facing Side R45ْ-Step Fwd L, Step R Tog, Step L Next to R
4 5 6Step Back on R, Turning ½ L-Step Fwd L, Step Fwd R (small step Fwd on R)

½ L Basic Waltz, Lunge Back onto Ball of R-Lifting L Fwd-Dancing R arm Back, Step Fwd L
1 2 3Turn ½ L on the Diagonal-Step Fwd L with ½ Turn L, Step R Next to L, Step L to R
4 5 6Lunge Back onto R with Straight leg (ball only) Dance R arm back behind R side
Counts 4 5, Step Fwd on L Count 6 (both legs are straight on counts 4 5) L45ْ

Turning ½ R Basic Waltz-Step Fwd R with ½ R, Step L to R, 1/8th R Step Side 6:00, L Cross Rock, Step Side 6:00
1 2 3Turning ½ R on the Diagonal-Step Fwd R with ½ Turn R, Step L Next to R, Turning 1/8th R Step R To R Side 6:00
4 5 6L Cross Rock, Replace to R, Step L to L Side

Tag: End of Wall 5 facing 6:00 Wall-Instrumental, Add the following 6 count tag
1 2 3Cross R over L, Rock L to L Side, Turning ¼ R- Replace wt to R 9:00
4 5 6Step Fwd L, Turn ¾ R on L Sweeping R to R Side 6:00 wt on L

Contact: 0412 723 326 - http://www.kerrigan.com.au/ info@kerrigan.com.au

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