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Don't Stay

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Judy Rodgers (USA) June 2018
Don't Stay by X Ambassadors (single)
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#16 count intro - No Tags Or Restarts

S1: Point, turn ¼ R, point, touch, weave L
1-2Point R to right side, turn 1/4 right step R beside L - 3:00
3-4Point L to left side, touch L beside R
5-8Weave to left step L to left side, step R behind L, step L to left, cross R over L

S2: Jump back hold, jump fwd hold, walk back back back back
&1-2Jump L back right diagonal, step R back left diagonal, hold (snap fingers)
&3-4Jump L in to center, step R beside L, hold (snap fingers)
5-8Funky walks back R L R L
(* styling: bend knee of foot stepping back, while fanning other foot out)

S3: Step dip touch (R & L), walk R ¾ circle
1-2Step/dip R to right side , touch L to left diagonal
3-4Step/dip L to left side, touch R to right diagonal
5-8Walk 3/4 circle right stepping R L R L - 12:00

S4: Rocking chair, hip bumps (X2)
1-2Step R fwd, recover L
3-4Step R back, recover L
5&6Step R fwd bump hips R L R
7&8Step L fwd bump hips L R L

S5: Side, behind, and heel and cross ( R & L)
1-2Step R to right side, step L behind R
&3&4Step R back, touch L heel fwd diagonal, step L back, step R across L
5-6Step L to side, step R behind L
&7&8Step L back, touch Right heel fwd diagonal, step R back, step L across R

S6: Turn 1/4 L, turn 1/4 L, step, twist twist twist twist hitch N
1-2Turn 1/4 left step R back, turn 1/4 left step L fwd - 6:00
3Step fwd R (leaving L slightly back)
4-8Twist to right side....heels, toes, heels, toes, hitch R foot up



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