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Don't Stay For Me
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Fred Whitehouse (Ireland), José miguel Belloque Vane (Netherlands), Jean-Pierre Madge (Switzerland)
Don't Stay by X Ambassadors (Single)
Intro – 16 Counts or 9 Seconds from start of track - No Tags or Restarts

[1-8] ¼ Turn Sweep, Rock, Sweep x 2, Weave, Full Turn R Stepping LF to L Side
1,2,3Step LF forward sweep RF making ¼ turn L, rock RF forward, step LF back sweeping RF from front to back
4,5&Step RF back sweeping LF from front to back, step LF behind R, step RF to R side
6,7,8Step LF forward, ½ turn R stepping RF forward, ½ turn R stepping LF to L side (hitch LF as you turn on count 8, end with feet apart)

[9-16] Hold, & Cross & Out & Cross, Large Slide R, Hold, Heel Ball Change
1,&2Hold, step RF in, cross LF over R (Raise up on tiptoes)
&3&4Step RF to R side, step LF to L side, step RF in, cross LF over R (Raise up on tiptoes on the in & cross)
5,6&Step RF to R side, hold, step LF back (Large slide on count 5 dragging L heel)
7&8Touch R heel forward, close RF next to L, step LF forward

[17-24] ½ turn R Heel Bounce x2, & Touch x2, Rock Recover, Full Turn
1,2¼ turn R bouncing both heels, ¼ turn R bouncing both heels placing weight on LF
&3Step RF back to R diagonal, touch LF next to R
&4Step LF back to L diagonal, touch RF next to L
5,6Rock RF back, recover weight on to L
7,8½ turn L stepping RF back, ½ turn L stepping LF forward

[25-32] Ball Change, Walk back x 3 (Moonwalk) ¼ Turn L (push hand R), Hold, & Touch, Snap, Snap
&1,2Close RF next to L, step LF forward, step RF back
3,4,5Step LF back, step RF back, ¼ turn L stepping LF to L side (Moonwalk happens here, counts 2,3,4,5- step RF back sliding LF back, place weight on LF as you slide RF back, place weight on RF as you slide LF back, ¼ turn L placing weight on LF drag RF towards L – push R hand to R side on the ¼ turn)
6&7Hold, close RF next to L, point LF to L side
&8Snap R finger to R side, snap L finger to L side

[33-40] Step Point, Sailor ¼ turn R, Touch 1/4 turn R, Touch R, Close
1,2Step LF forward, point RF to R side
3&4Step RF behind L, ¼ turn R stepping LF to L side, step RF to R side
5,6Touch LF forward, ¼ turn R closing LF next to R (push hip forward)
7,8Touch RF forward, close RF next to L (push hip forward)

[41-48] Step With Body Roll, Ball Change, Hitch, Lock Step, Full Turn L Bouncing Heels
1,2Step LF forward, hold (Body roll over 2 counts keeping weight on LF)
&3,4Close RF next L, step LF forward, hitch R knee up
&5Step RF forward, lock LF behind R (Weight stays on RF)
6-8Make a full turn L bouncing heels x3 (finish with weight on RF)

Smile and enjoy

Contacts: f_whitehouse@hotmail.com, jose_nl@hotmail.com, jean-pierremm@bluewin.ch

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