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Don't Think

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Easy Intermediate waltz
Glenda Silver (AUS) - November 2020
Don't Think I Can't Love You - Jake Owen : (Album: Easy Does It - iTunes - 3:02)
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DANCE: Clockwise INTRO: 24 count on vocals

Forward Right Point Left, Hold, Forward Left Point Right, Hold
123-Step Fwd R, point L to side, hold 2 counts
456-Step Fwd L, point R to side, hold 2 counts (12.00)

Lock Back Right, Lock Back Left
123-Step back R, Cross L in front over R, step back R
456-Step back L, Cross R in front over L, step back L

Rock back Right, Forward Left, Forward Right, Forward Left, 1/4 Turn Right, Cross Left over Right
123-Rock back onto R, step Fwd L, Step Fwd R
456-Step Fwd L, 1/4 turn R on R, cross L over R (3.00)

Side Right, Behind Left, Side Right, Side Left, Drag Right to Left
123-Step side R, behind L, step side R
456-Step side L, drag R to L for 2 counts * RESTART

Coaster Right, Rock Forward Left, Replace onto Right, 1/2 Turn Left, Forward Left
123-Step back R, tog L, Fwd R
456-Rock Fwd L, replace onto R, 1/2 turn L on R, Fwd L (9.00)

Cross Twinkle Right, Cross twinkle Left
123-Cross R over L, side L, replace onto R ***
456-Cross L over R, side R, replace onto L

Waltz Forward RLR, Waltz Back LRL
123-Basic waltz Fwd RLR
456-Basic waltz back LRL

Forward Waltz RLR, 1/2 Turn Right, Waltz back LRL
123-Waltz Fwd stepping RLR, turning 1/2 turn R
456-Waltz back stepping LRL ** (3.00)

TAG: ** 12 count: End wall 2, facing 6.00
Forward Right, 1/2 Turn Left, Forward Right, Forward Left, 1/2 turn Right, Forward Left
123-Step fwd R, 1/2 turn L, step fwd R
456-Step fwd L, 1/2 turn R, step fwd L

Side Rock right, replace, Cross right, Side Rock Left, Replace, Cross Left
123-Rock R to side, replace onto L, cross R over L
456-Rock L to side, replace onto R, cross L over R

RESTART: * Wall 5, dance to count 24, facing 3.00

FINISH: *** Wall 7, facing 6.00, dance to count 33. 1/4 twinkle L to face 12.00

Glenda Silver: Email: Mobile: 0427927019


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