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Don't Touch Me

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Heejin Kim (KOR), Misun Yu (KOR), Eunsoon Park (KOR), Misook Kim (KOR), Kyungjoon Park (KOR), Hie kyung Choo (KOR) & Haemin Mun (KOR) - October 2020
환불원정대 - Don't Touch Me
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[1-8] Lock Step, Step, Scuff, Touch, Heel Swivel and Hip Bump Up&Down
12&RF Step forward(1), LF Corss behind(2), RF Step forward(&)
3&4LF Step forward(3), RF Scuff forward(&), LF Touch forward(4)
5&6&BF Swivel heels righ with Hip bump up(5), BF Swivel heels center(&), BF Swivel heels righ with Hip bump down(6), BF Swivel heels center(&)
7&8&BF Swivel heels righ with Hip bump up(7), BF Swivel heels center(&), BF Swivel heels righ with Hip bump down(8), BF Swivel heels center(&)

[9-16] Vine Step, Together, V-Step, Side Step, Touch
1234RF Step R(1), LF Step behind(2), RF Step R(3), LF Step together(4)
5&6&RF Ball diagonal R(5), LF Ball side L(&), RF Step center(6), LF Step together(&)
7 8RF Step R with Knees stretch(7), LF Touch side with Knees bend(8)

[17-24] Hitch, Single, Single, Doublee (L & R)
1&2&LF Hitch out(1), LF Step L(&), RF Hitch out(2), RF Step R(&)
3&4&LF Hitch out(3), LF Touch L(&), LF Hitch out(4), LF Step L(&)
5&6&RF Hitch out(5), RF Step R(&), LF Hitch L(6), LF Step L(&)
7&8RF Hitch out(7), RF Touch R(&), RF Hitch out(8)

[25-32] 1/8 Pivot Turn L X2, Cross, Ball X5 Floor Circle and Hip Circle, Step
1 2RF Step forward(1), LF 1/8 Turn L Step L(2)
3 4RF Step forward(3), LF 1/8 Turn L Step L(4) [9:00]
5&6&RF Cross over(5), LF Ball back(&), RF Ball back diagonal R(6), LF Ball together(&)
7&8&RF Ball forward diagonal R(7), LF Ball together(&), RF ball cross(8), LF Step back(&)

[Tag] After wall 4 [12:00]
[1-4] Rock and Recover with Body Roll
1 2 3 4RF Step forward(1), LF Recover(2), RF Step forward(3), LF Recover(4)



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