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Beginner / Intermediate
Judy Rodgers (USA) April 2013
Downtown by Lady Antebellum; Album: Downtown
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32 count intro

[1-8] Kick ball cross, step drag touch, turn ¼, turn ½, turn ½, shuffle
1&2Kick R forward, step on ball of R, cross L over R
3&4Step R big step to right, drag L slowly toward R, touch L beside R
5&6Turn ¼ left step L forward, turn ½ left step R back, turn ½ left step L forward [9:00]
7&8Shuffle forward R L R
(**easier option for 5&6: turn ¼ left shuffle L R L)

[9-16] Rock recover back, step lock step, turn ¼ side mambo, syncopated rocking chair
1&2Rock L forward, recover R, step L back
3&4Step R back, step/lock L across R, step R back
5&6Turn ¼ left rock L to left, recover R, step L beside R [6:00]
7&8&Rock R forward, recover L, rock R back, recover L

[17-24] Kick & touch, sailor step, heel & toe & heel & step
1&2Kick R forward, step down on R, touch L toe to left
3&4Step L behind R, step R to right, step L to left side
5&6&Tap R heel forward, step R down, tap L toe beside R, step L down
7&8Tap R heel forward, step R down, step forward on L

[25-32] Bump turn ¼, bump turn ½, mambo step, turn ¼ step bump & bump
1&2Turn ¼ left step R to right side bump R L R [3:00]
3&4Turn ½ left step L to left side bump L R L [9:00]
5&6Rock R forward, recover L, step R back
7&8Turn ¼ left step L to left side, bump L R L (weight on L) [6:00]

TAG: Add the following 8 counts at the end of walls 1 and 3 (first 2 times facing back wall (6:00)
Rock recover, shuffle back, coaster step, walk walk
1-2rock R forward, recover L
3&4Shuffle back R L R
5&6Coaster step L R L
7-8Walk forward R, walk forward L

ENDING: The last wall (wall 7) starts at 12:00……you will end at 6:00. After the last bump (counts 31 & 32), turn ½ left step R to right side and bump R L R.





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