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Dream of You (Chung-Ha)

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Phrased Improver
May Cho (KOR) - December 2020
Dream of You (with R3HAB) - CHUNG HA
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Sequence of Dance: A-B - A-A - A-B - A-A - A-Tag - A-A (Part B: facing 6:00)

Intro 16 count

Part A (32C)
S1. Anchor Step ½ Turn x2
1,2&Fwd step RF, Lock behind LF , Step on place RF
3,4Step back LF ,1/2 Turn Right Fwd step RF
5,6&Fwd step LF, Lock behind RF, Step on place LF
7,8Step back RF ,1/2 Turn Left Fwd step LF

S2. Walk x2, Side, Point, Side, Point, 1/4Turn R Fwd step, Step
1,2Walk RF,LF
3,4Side step RF, Side point LF
5,6Side step LF, Side point RF
7,8¼ Turn Right Fwd step RF, Step LF

S3. Toe struts x4 Side, Recover, 1/4Turn R Sailor step
1&2&Touch Fwd RF, Step down on RF, Touch Fwd LF, Step down on LF
3&4&Touch Fwd RF, Step down on RF, Touch Fwd LF, Step down on LF
5,6Side rock RF, Recover LF
7&8¼ Turn Right Cross behind RF, Step LF a small step, Side step RF

S4. Cross shuffle, Touch, Back sweep x2, Back, Recover
1,2&Cross LF, Ball RF
3,4Cross LF, Touch RF besid LF
5,6Step back RF with sweep LF, Step back LF with sweep RF
7,8Back rock RF, Recover LF

Part B (32C)
S1. Side, Together, Body roll, Side, Point, Drag touch
1,2Side step RF, Together LF
3,4Body roll
5,6Side Step LF, ½ Turn Left Side Point RF (12:00)
7,8Drag RF besid LF, Touch RF

S2. (Diagonal step, Touch, Shoulder bounce) x2
1,2RF Step diagonal Fwd step Right, Touch LF beside RF
3,4Shoulder bounce R,L
5,6LF Step diagonal Fwd step Left, Touch RF beside LF
3,4Shoulder bounce L,R

S3. Fwd full turn, Together, Body roll
1,2Step Fwd RF, ½ turn Right Back LF
3,4½ turn Right Fwd step RF, Together LF
5,6,7,8Body roll with Flapping down to back

S4. (Diagonal back, Touch) x2, Side, Touch with shoulder bounce, Side, Together with shoulder bounce
1,2LF Step diagonal back step Left, Touch RF beside LF
3,4RF Step diagonal back step Right, Touch LF beside RF
5,6Side Step LF , Touch RF beside LF with Shouler bounce
7,8Side Step RF , Together LF beside RF with Shouler bounce

Tag (2C) ½ turn side point, Hold
1,2½ turn Left Side Point RF, Hold (If you wear a hat, grap hat's edge with both hands)

May Cho :
Enjoy your dance~~


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