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Driving To L.A

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Phrased Intermediate
Astrid Romy Diener (CH) - June 2021
Driving To L.A. - Thierry Condor
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Intro: 16 counts, Sections: AABBTag1 - BBTag2 - AABBTag1 - BBTag2 - A*ABBTag1 - 6xB

Part A: 32 Counts
S1: ½ Monterey R, Cross, Point, Cross, Point, Cross, Point,
1 2Point RF to the right side, bringing RF next to LF and make ½ turn right,
3 4Point L to left side, cross LF over the RF
5 6Point RF to the right side, cross RF over the LF
7 8Point LF to the left side, cross LF over the RF

S2: Kick Ball Step, Step, Pivot ¼ l, Shuffle across, Side, Drag
1 & 2Kick RF fwd, step RF in place, step LF forward
3 4Step forward with RF, make a ¼ turn to left, (3.00)
5 & 6Cross RF over LF, step LF to side, cross RF over LF, Step LF to side
7 8Step LF on the left side, Drag RF into LF (weight left) *Restart 3.00

S3: Walk, Hold, Walk, Hold, Pivot ½, Pivot ½,
1 2Walk RF, hold
3 4Walk LF, hold
5 6Step RF forward and make ½ turn to left,
7 8Step RF forward and make ½ turn to left,

S4:,Kick ball Cross, Turn ¼ l, Turn ½ l, Coaster Step, Step, Drag
1 & 2Kick the RF diagonal tot he right side, step RF in place, step LF forward
3 4Step RF back and make ¼ left (12.00), step back LF and make ½ turn left (6.00)
5 & 6Stept RF back, step LF together, step RF forward
7 8Step foward with LF, drag the RF into the left

Part B: 16 Counts
S1: Kick Ball, Touch, Heel, Clap, Clap, Kick Ball, Touch, Heel, Hold, Hold
1&2RF Kick forward and step next to LF, LF touch behind RF
&3&4LF next to RF (weight left), RF heel diagonal in front, hold and klapp your hands 2 x,
&5&6RF back togheter LF, LF kick forward and step LF next RF, RF touch behind LF
&7&8&RF back togheter LF (weight right), LF heel in front, hold, hold, LF back togheter RF

S2: Figure of 8 with ¼ turn L
1-2Step RF to R side, cross LF, behind RF,
3 4Make ¼ turn R and step forward on RF, step forward on LF
5 6Make a ½ turn Pivot R, make a ¼ turn R and step LF to left side
7 8Cross RF behind LF, make a ¼ turn to left and step forward RF (9.00)

Bridge/ TAG 1: (20 Counts)
Side, Drag, Cross Rock, Recover, Side Drag, Cross Rock, Recover, Forward Rumba Box, ½ Turn r, Shuffle, Walk, Walk
1 2 3 4Step RF to right side, LF drag into RF, LF cross over RF, weight back on RF
5 6 7 8Step LF to left side, RF drag to LF, RF cross over LF, weight back on LF
1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8RF to right side, LF together RF, RF forward, LF touch next RF, LF to left side, RF together LF, LF back,
1&2 3 4RF back right with a ½ turn on right, LF forward, RF behind LF, LF forward, walk r, walk l

TAG 2 : (4 Counts)
Walk, Walk, Walk, Walk:
1 2 3 4Walk r, walk l, Walk r, Walk l

Ending: dance Part B as long as you like....

*13.6.2021/ard Facebookprofil: Astrid Diener -


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