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High Improver
Russibell Seoh - August 2019
Dr. Love - E-Rotic
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Thank you Hann Jou for recommending this music to me.

Intro : 32 Counts

Tag: 4 Counts . After Wall 2(6:00),and Wall 5(9:00)
Tag Is Man's Rap Part.
1234R Side &Hip Sway , Hold, L Side &Hip Way , Hold ( Weight On L)

Restart : On Wall 8(3:00) , After dance 24 Counts (6:00)

Sec1. R Diag Fwd Touch &Hip Bumps, Coaster, L Diag. Fwd Touch &Hip Bimps , 1/4 L Turn Sailor
1&2Touch R Toe Fwd & Hip Bump(R-L-R)
3&4Step R Back, Close L Next To R, Step R Fwd
5&6Touch L Toe Fwd & Hip Bump( L-R-L)
7&81/4 L Turn Sweep L From Front To Back &Touch L Behind R, R Side, Step L Fwd(9:00)

Sec2. V step ,1/4 L Turn R Flick, Step R Fwd , 1/2 L Pivot , Step R Fwd, Step L Fwd , 1/4 R Pivot
12Step R Fwd To The R Diagonal, Step L Fwd To The L Diagonal,
&34Step R Back, Close L Next To R,1/4 L Turn R Back Flick(6:00)
56&Step R Fwd, 1/2 L Turn Pivot Weight On L, Step R Fwd(12:00)
78Step L Fwd , 1/4 R Turn Pivot Weight On R(3:00)

Sec3. L Fwd Mambo, Together, R Hitch, R Side , L Touch Behind R , L Side& Hip Bumb X4
1&2Rock Fwd On L ,Recover On R, Close L Next To R
&3R Knee Hitch, Step R To R Side
4L Touch Behind R(Extend the index finger of your left hand to the right)
5678Step L To the L Side & Hip Bump 4X (Shake Your Index Finger From R To L with the Hip Bump And R knee bend at this time)

Sec4. R Rock back ,L Recover, 1/2 L Turn Step R Back, L Rock Back, R Recover, 1/4 R Turn L Side, Step R Back, 1/4 L Turn Sweep L , Step L Back, R Side Point
1&2Rock Back On R, Recover On L, 1/2 L Turn Step R Back(9:00)
3&4Rock Back On L, Recover On R , 1/4 R Turn Step R Side(12:00)
56Step R Back, 1/4 L Turn Sweeping L From Front To Back (9:00)
78Step L Back, R Side Point

Happy Dancing~~~^~~~^



Hann21921 August 12, 2019
A lovely dance with nice arrangement of steps.

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