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Drop It Low

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Intermediate / Higher Intermediate
Dwight Meessen (NL) & Marianne Schmitz - August 2012
Drop It Low - Kat Deluna
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Start from 15 seconds, when she sings: "Move your body baby"

2 x Walk Fwd, Step R Side with a hip bump, Hip Bump, Hip Bump, Hip Bump, ¼ Turn Right, ¼ Turn Right, Behind, Side ,Cross
1RF Walk Fwd
2LF Walk Fwd
3RF Step to Right side, hip bump to right
&LF Hip bump to Left side
4RF Hip bump to Right side
&LF Hip bump to Left side
5RF Step ¼ Turn(right) (3)
6LF Step ¼ Turn (right (6)
7RF Cross behind L
&LF Step to Left side
8RF Cross over L

Side Rock, Recover, Sailor ¼ Turn(left), ½ Turn (left), Touch Bump & Step Fwd
1LF Rock out to Left side
2RF Recover weight
3LF ¼ Turn R, Cross step R behind L(3)
&RF Step in place
4LF Step fwd on R
5RF Step fwd
6R+L ½ Turn (left) (9)
7RF toe diagonal bump hip Right
&Bump hip Left
8RF Step fwd

¼ Turn(right), Cross Behind L, Step L side with a Hip Bump, Hip Bump, Hip Bump(weight on R), L Rock Back , Recover, ½ Turn (right)
1LF Step ¼ Turn, step to Left side(right)(12)
2RF Cross behind L
3LF Step to Left side, hip bump to Left
&RF Hip bump to Right
4LF Hip bump to Left, weight on Right
5LF Rock Back
6RF Recover Weight
7LF Step fwd
8L+R ½ Turn (right) (6)

Hip Sways Left , Right, Coaster Step, ½ Turn(left)Side Rock R, Recover Weight
1Sway Left
2Sway Right
3LF Step Back
&RF Step together
4LF Step fwd
5RF Step fwd
6R+L ½ Turn(Left) (12)
7RF Rock out to Right side
8LF Recover weight

Cross over L, Side Rock , Recover, Side, Cross Behind, ¼ Shuffle Fwd(right)
1RF Cross over L
2LF Rock out to Left side
3RF Recover weight
4LF Cross over R
5RF Step to Right side
6LF Cross behind R
7RF ¼ Turn Fwd, Step fwd(right) (3)
&LF Close next to R
8RF Step Fwd

½ Turn(right), Shuffle Fwd, Full Turn Fwd(left), Rock Fwd, Recover
1LF Step fwd
2L+R ½ Turn(right) (9)
3LF Step fwd
&RF Close next to L
4LF Step fwd
5RF ½ Turn fwd, step back(left)
6LF ½ Turn fwd, step fwd(left)
7RF Rock fwd
8LF Recover weight

&, Touch, &, Touch, &, Touch, Kick, Rock Back, Recover, Step Fwd, Flick R Back
&RF Step on position
1LF Touch left fwd
&LF Step on position
2RF Touch right fwd
&RF Step on position
3LF Touch left fwd
4LF Kick fwd
5LF Rock Back
6RF Recover weight
7LF Step fwd
8RF Flick R behind up

In the 2nd wall after count 48
In the 4th wall after count 48
In the 6th wall after count 48


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