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Drunk on Love!
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Intermediate / Advanced - WCS
Niels Poulsen (Denmark) Dec 2012
Drunk on Love by Rihanna. [3.34 mins.]
Intro: 40 count intro from first beat in music, app. 23 seconds into track. Start with weight on R foot
Note: No tags – no restarts!!!

[1 – 9] Cross side R, lunge R, ¼ L, R step lock step, step ½ R, fw L, 1/8 L side R, cross L
&1 – 3Cross L a small step over R (&), step R to R side keeping upper-body turned slightly to L (1), bend in R knee turning upper-body slightly R (2), recover on L turning ¼ L (3) 9:00
4&5Step R fw (4), lock L behind R (&), step R fw (5) 9:00
6 – 7Step L fw (6), turn ½ R stepping onto R foot (7) 3:00
8&1Step L fw (8), turn 1/8 L stepping R to R side (&), cross L slightly in front of R (1) 1:30

[10 – 17] Fw R, step ½ R, ½ R, back R, L back rock, fw L, side R with 1/8 L, touch L behind
2 – 3Step R fw towards 1:30 (2), step L fw (3) 1:30
4&5Turn ½ R stepping R fw (4), turn ½ R stepping L back (&), step back on R (5) 1:30
6 – 7Rock back on L (6), recover fw on R (7) 1:30
8&1Step L fw (8), turn 1/8 L stepping R to R side (&), touch L behind R (1) 12:00

[18 – 25] L full unwind with sweep, weave, side L, point R/prep, turn 1 ¼ R
2 – 3Start unwinding a full turn on R (2), finish turn changing weight to L and sweep R fw (3) 12:00
4&5Cross R over L (4), step L to L side (&), cross R behind L (5) 12:00
6 – 7Step L to L side (6), point R to R side prepping upper-body slightly to L side (7) 12:00
8&1Turn ¼ R stepping R fw (8), turn ½ R stepping L back (&), turn ½ R stepping R fw (1) 3:00

[26 – 32] Fw L, turn ¼ R, L samba step with flick, jazz ¼ R back
2 – 3Step L fw (2), turn ¼ R stepping onto R foot (3) 6:00
4&5Cross L over R (4), rock R to R side (&), recover weight on L flicking R to R side (5) 6:00
6 - 7Cross R over L (6), turn ¼ R stepping back on L (7) 9:00
8Step R a small step backwards (8) 9:00

BEGIN AGAIN and… Enjoy!!!

ENDING: Start wall 10, facing 9:00. Do up to count 16 (you’re facing 10:30). To end facing 12:00 just step fw on R on the & count and then turn 1/8 R sweeping L to L side on count 17 [12.00]

TIMING INFO! To make the step sheet easy to read I’ve written it with a normal 1-2-3-4&5 counting. However, you should really read all the & counts as ‘a’ counts due to the timing of the beats in this song by Rihanna! Timing explanation: if you e.g. had a ‘4&a5’ counting you can see that the & count comes before the ‘a’ count. This means that all ‘a’ count steps should be executed after the normal & count. In other words are you doing an ‘a’ count step a little delayed compared to a normal ‘&’ count and you execute it very close to the count that comes next. In the above example it would be ‘4…a5’… However, when you dance an ‘a’ count it feels very quick when it is in fact delayed… I hope this makes a little bit of sense. If not, I refer to any Youtube video with me in it...

Contact: niels@love-to-dance.dk - www.love-to-dance.dk

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