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Eleven Beer

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Island Trio (CAN), Lynda Maynard (CAN), Debbie Dickie (CAN) & Linda (CAN) - May 2022
11 Beers - The Reklaws & Jake Owen
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Into: 32 counts

Section 1 - Begin Full Figure Eight
1, 2 -Step right to side, cross left behind right
3, 4 -Turn ¼ right stepping right forward, step left forward (3:00)
5, 6 -Pivot turn ½ left (weight to right) (9:00), Step left to the left side turning ¼ left (12:00)
7, 8 -Cross right behind, turn ¼ left stepping left forward (9:00)

Section 2 - Finish Figure Eight, Rock, Cha Cha on Right
1, 2 -Step right forward, pivot ½ left (weight to left) (3:00)
3, 4 -Step right to right side turn 1/4 left, step left together (12:00)
5, 6 -Cross rock right over left, recover weight to left
7&8 -Step right to right, step left together, step right to right

Section 3 - Cross Rock, Cha Cha on Left ¼ turn left, Walk, Cha Cha
1, 2 -Cross rock left over right, recover weight to right
3&4 -Turn ¼ left stepping left to left side, step right together, step left to left
5, 6 -Walk forward right, left (harder option full turn left, right back ½, left forward ½)
7&8 -Step right forward, left together, right forward

Section 4 - Rock Forward, Cha Back, Rock Back, Kickball Change
1, 2 -Rock left forward, recover weight to right
3&4 -Step left back, step right together, step left back
5, 6 -Rock right back, recover weight to left
7&8 -Kick right forward, recover weight to ball of right, step left together


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