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Ellie-Lou Cha Cha (P)

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Bill Turner & Jane Turner
Un Momento Alla - Rick Trevino
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Position: start in right side by side (Sweetheart)

1-2Step forward on left, slide right behind left
3&4Cha-cha-cha forward left, right, left
5-6Step forward on right, slide left behind right
7&8Cha-cha-cha forward right, left, right
9-10MAN: Rock forward on left, back on right
 LADY: Rock forward on left, back on right
11&12MAN: Cha-cha-cha bring right over lady's head
 LADY: Half turn to left on cha-cha-cha
13-14MAN: Rock back on right, forward on left,
 LADY: Rock forward on right, back on left
15&16MAN: Cha-cha-cha, return to side by side
 LADY: Half turn right on cha-cha-cha

17-18Step forward on left and pivot half turn to right putting weight back on right foot
Bring left hand over lady's head. Keep right hand down
19&20Drop right hands and continue, turning right on cha-cha-cha rejoining right hands in front
21-22Rock back on right, forward on left
23&24Cha-cha-cha forward
Drop left hands, raise right hands
25-26MAN: Walk forward left, right,
 LADY: Full turn to right on left right
27&28MAN: Cha-cha-cha traveling forward
 LADY: Cha-cha-cha traveling forward

29-30Make a full turn to left on right, left
31&32Cha-cha-cha return to side by side position
33-34Rock forward on left, back on right, drop right hands
35&36Make half turn to left on cha-cha-cha bringing lady's left arm over the mans head
37-38Step forward on right, picking up lady's right hand pivot half turn to left bringing mans left arm over lady's head, returning weight to left foot
39&40Cha-cha-cha forward



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