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최 경인(Kyoung In Choi), 윤 은희(Eun Hee Yoon) June 2019
Enamorame (Yeah Beby) by Dj Assad Ft. Papi Sanchez & Luyanna (Latin Version)
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Intro : 32

Sec.1 : R Back, L Recover, Syncopated Weave, R Cross Samba, L Cross Samba
1-2: R rock back (1), L recover (2)
3&4&: R cross over L (3), L to L side (&), R behind L (4), L to L side (&)
5&6: R cross over L (5), Rock L to L side (&), R recover (6)
7&8: L cross over R (7), Rock R to R side (&), L recover (8)

Sec.2 : R Rocking Chair, 1/2L R Back Step, L Rock Back, R Recover, L Cross
1-4: Rock R forward (1), L recover (2), Rock R back (3), L recover (4)
5-8: Turn 1/2L Stepping R back (5), Rock L back (6), R recover (7), L cross over R (8)(6:00)

Sec.3 : R Side, L Together, R side, L Cross, R side, L Heel Touch, L Together, R Cross, 1/4R L Back, R Side
1-3: R to R side (1), L next to R (2), R to R side (3),
4&5&6: L cross over R (4), R to R side (&), Touch L heel diagonal forward (5), L next to R (&), R cross over L (6)
7-8: 1/4R L back (7), R to R side (8) (9:00)

Sec.4 : L Cross Rock, R Recover, L Back Rock, R Recover, Syncopated Jazz Box
1–2: Rock L cross over R (1), R recover (2),
3–4: Rock L back (3), R recover (4)
5-6&7-8: L cross over R (5), R back (6), L to L side (&), R cross over L(7), L to L side (8)

(No Tag, No Restart)

( 21:33:10)


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