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Enjoy Being Alone

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Rex Chuan – March 2019
"Enjoy Being Alone" by Kit Chan
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Start: After 32 of music, with vocal

S1: R Cross Chasse, L Cross Chasse,
1 2&3 4RF cross LF(1), hold 2, LF slightly L on ball(&), RF slightly L(3), LF flick out(4)
5 6&7 8LF cross RF(5), hold 6, RF slightly R on ball(&), RF slightly R(7), RF flick out(8)

S2: Rock Recover and Turn, Forward, Forward, Forward and Lock Step, Forward
1234RF rock forward(1), hold 2, recover (3), R half turn and RF forward(4)
5 6&7 8LF forward(5), RF forward(6), LF lock in(&), hold 7, RF forward (8)

S3: Forward, Out Out, Tap Forward, Hitch, Back, Back, Hold, Ball Step
1 2&LF forward(1), RF R on toe(2), LF L on toe(&)
3456RF tap forward(3), hitch RF(4), RF backward(5), LF backward(6)
7 8&hold 7, hold 8, RF R(&)(6:00)

S4: Cross, Unwind with Heel Pump, Hitch, Walk X3
1234LF cross RF(1), Unwind R 3 quarter turn while heel pump on (2),(3),(4)
5678Hitch LF(5), LF forward(6), RF forward(7), LF forward(8) (3:00)

S5: Paddle Turn X2, Paddle Turn with Flick, Cross, Scissor Step
1234RF tap forward(1), swivel L quarter turn(2), RF tap forward(3), swivel L quarter turn(4)
5 6RF tap forward(5), flck RF and swivel L quarter turn(6)
7 8&RF cross LF(7), LF L(8), RF together(&) (6:00)

S6: Cross, Syncopated Weave, Forward, Pivot Turn, Forward
1 2&3LF cross RF(1), hold 2, RF R(&), LF cross behind RF(3)
4&5hold 4, RF R(&), LF cross RF(5)
678R quarter turn and RF forward(6), LF forward(7) and R half swivel turn, RF forward(8) (3:00)

S7: Cross, Sweep, Cross, Two Step Turn, Hold, Sway R
123LF cross RF(1) and sweep RF forward(1), keep sweep RF (2), RF cross LF(3)
456R quarter turn and LF back(4), R quarter turn and RF R(5), hold 6
7 8Bend knees and lower body while shift weight on RF(7), raise body and straighten knees

S8: Sway L With Kick, Cross, Side, Walk X4
1 2Bend knees and lower body while shift weight on LF(1), raise body and straighten up knees and RF kick R(2)
3 4RF cross behind LF(3), LF L(4)
5678RF forward(5) awnd ⅛ R turn, LF forward(6) and ⅛ R turn, RF forward(7) and ⅛ turn, LF forward(8) and ⅛ turn

Restart: during the third wall, when proceed to count 5 of S3, on count 6 step LF R on the cue of music, and hold count 7 and 8 (during pause of music) , then restart facing 12:00

Enjoy the dance!

( 06:56:20)


peter706 March 21, 2019
Very cool music!

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