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Eternal Triangle (P)

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Improver Partner Circle
LTD Tucker (BEL) - November 2010
Tom Dooley - The Kingston Trio
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Gentleman step’s are given -- Lady’s step’s are mirror image
Men faces outside line of dance - Lady faces inside line of dance , both hold hands at the hips
Left hand of Gentelmen to right hand of Lady , right hand of Gentelmen to left hand of Lady

Step Down Step Touch
1-4Step LF to left , place RF next to left , step LF to left , touch RF next to LF
5-8Step RF to right , place LF next to RF , step RF to right , touch LF next RF

Step ¼ Turn Left Hitch . Step Hitch . Forward Step . Touch Behind . Back Step . Cross
1-4( Side by Side holding inside hands ) Step LF ¼ turn left , hitch right knee , Step forward on RF , hitch left knee
5-8Step left foot forward , touch RF behind LF , step back on right , cross LF over RF

Step Down Step Scuff . Step Down Step Scuff
1-4Step forward on LF , place RF next to LF , step forward on LF , Scuff RF forward
5-8Step forward on RF . place LF next to RF , step forward on RF . scuff LF forward

Rocking Chair . Full Turn Left
1-4Rock forward on LF , replace RF , rock back on LF , replace RF
5-8( Both partners let go of hands & Travelling a little forward ) Make a full turn left on , LF, RF , LF , RF

You are now back facing each other holding hands & ready to start the dance again

Start Again ( RF ) Right Foot ( LF ) Left Foot


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