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Every Breath You Take

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Judy Rodgers (USA) - September 2020
Cami & Max Oazo - Every Breath You Take (album: 'Every breath you take')
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#64 count intro (lyrics - on the word 'take') ( 1 tag danced 2 times)

S1: Side rock, sailor turn 1/2 R, toe struts L & R
1-2Rock R to right side, recover L
3&4Turn 1/2 right step R behind L, step L to left side, step R to right side 6:00
5-8Touch L toe fwd, step down L, touch R toe fwd, step down R

S2: Rock recover, turn 1/2 L, turn 1/4 L, coaster step, walk walk
1-2Rock L fwd, recover R
3-4Turn 1/2 left step L fwd, turn 1/4 left step R to right side 9:00
5&6Step L back, step R beside L, step L fwd
7-8Walk fwd R, L

S3: Cross side rock, cross side rock, jazz box
1&2Cross R over L, rock L to left side, recover R (moving fwd)
3&4Cross L over R, rock R to right side, recover L (moving fwd)
5-8Cross R over L, step L back, step R to right side, step L fwd

S4: Step, turn/roll 1/4 L, step turn/roll 1/4 L, hip bumps
1-2Step R fwd, turn 1/4 left (rolling hips counter clockwise) step L fwd 6:00
3-4Step R fwd, turn 1/4 left (rolling hips counter clockwise) step L fwd 3:00
5&6&7Step R fwd bump and bump and bump (styling: bend knee more each time you bump)
8Bump L (bring weight back to L)

Tag: The music slows down after Wall 2 and Wall the following 32 count tag and continue the dance.....
You will be facing 6:00 both times to start the tag (and start the next wall).
NC2 R & L
1-4Step R big step right over 2 beats, rock L back, recover R
5-8Step L big step left over 2 beats, rock R back, recover L
Walk 1/2 circle to right
1-8Walk in half circle...step R, brush L, step L, brush R, step R, brush L, step L, brush R
(styling...brush should be light/almost invisible, but helps keep the beat)

Repeat above 16 counts which will bring you back to the 6:00 wall you started the tag on).
Continue with the next wall.

Ending: To end at front...... step R fwd, turn 1/4 L and smile!



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