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Improver NC2S
Heejin Kim (KOR), Eunsoon Park (KOR) & Kyungjoon Park (KOR) - November 2020
[1-8] Basic Step, Weave 1/4 Turn L, 1/2 Turn L, 1/4 Turn L Weave 1/8 Turn R
12&RF Step R(1), LF Step behind(2), RF Cross over(&)
34&LF Step L(3), RF Step behind(4), LF 1/4 Turn L Step forward(&)
5 6RF Step forward(5), LF 1/2 Turn L Step forward(6)
78&RF 1/4 turn L Step R(7), LF step behind(8), RF 1/8 Turn R Step forward(&) (1:30)

[9-16] Rock & Recover Step (For & Back), 1/2 Turn R With Sweep x3, Back Rock
12&LF Step forward(1), RF Recover(2), LF Step backward(&)
34&RF Step backward(3), LF Recover(4), RF Step forward(&)
5 6LF 1/2 Turn R Step backward with RF Sweep back(5)(7:30), RF Step backward with LF Sweep back(6)
78&LF Step Backward with RF Sweep back(7), RF Step backward(8), LF Recover(&)
*Restart at here 2wall, 5wall
[17-24] Half Diamond Step, Cross Rock & Recover Side (R&L)
12&RF 1/8 Turn L Step side(1)(6:00), LF 1/8 Turn L Step back(2), RF Step back(&)
34&LF 1/8 Turn L Step side(3), RF 1/8 Turn L Step forwerd(4)(1:30), LF step foward(&)
56&RF Step forward(5), LF Recover(6), RF 1/8 Turn R Step side(&)(3:00)
78&LF Cross over(7), RF Recover(8), LF Step side(&)

[25-32] Sway, Sway, Full Turn R, Forward, Backward X2 1/4 Turn L Side, 1/4 Turn L, Forward
1 2RF 1/4 Turn L Step R with sway(1), LF Step L with sway(2)
3 4RF 1/4 Turn R Step forward(3), LF 3/4 Turn R Step together(4)
56&RF Step foward(5), LF Step backward(6), RF Step backward(&)
78&LF 1/4 Turn L Step side(7), RF 1/4 Turn L Step forward(8), LF Step forward(&)

[Tag] 1/2 Turn R during Walks X4
1-41/2 Turn R during walks X4 (R,L,R,L)
*After 7wall 16count (Restart = 12:00)

Heejin Kim - Telephone: +82 10-2313-1041 - Email:


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