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Every Step in The Book (Almost)

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Pat Stott (UK) - October 2018
Down At the Twist and Shout - Shauna McStravock
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Commence on vocals 16 count intro from start of track (9 seconds)

Touch - out, in, out, behind, side, cross, touch - out, in, out, behind, side, forward
1&2.Touch right toe out to right, touch next to left, touch right toe out to right
3&4.Right behind left, left to left, cross right over left
5&6.Touch left toe out to left, touch next to right, touch left toe out to left
7&8.Left behind right, right to right, step forward on left

Mambo forward, back lock, coaster step, 3 runs forward
1&2.Rock forward on right, recover on left, step slightly back on right
3&4.Back on left, cross right over left, back on left
5&6.Back on right, close left next to right, forward on right
7&8. 3 runs forward - left, right, left**
** Restart here during walls 4 &7

Forward, recover, side, recover, coaster step, forward, recover, side, recover, 1/4 sailor step turning left
1&2&.Rock forward on right, recover on left, rock right to right, recover on left
3&4.Back on right, close left to right, forward on right
5&6&.Rock forward on left, recover on right, Rock left to left, recover on right
7&8.Left behind right, turn 1/4 left stepping right slightly to right, step in place on left

Side strut, Rock back, recover, side strut, Rock back, recover, 3 heel struts turning 1/2 right, stomp together
1&2&Right toe to right side, lower heel, Rock back on left (slightly behind right), recover on right
3&4&.Left toe to left side, lower heel, Rock back on right (slightly behind left), recover on left
5&6&7&.Gradually turning 1/2 to right - 3 heel struts forward - right, left, right
8.Stomp left next to right with weight

**2 Restarts on walls 4 (9 o'clock) & 7 (3 o'clock)- These are easy to hear as they are after the instrumental sections.

Big finish at the end of the track, hold Ta Daaaa!!

Choreographers note: This is perfect for beginners to move up to Improvers as it covers many of the steps they need to learn.

Happy birthday Janice! :-)
Last Update - 16th Oct. 2018


OLDSALTY October 15, 2018
Dont here the Cajun beat enough these days I miss it Iv'e got a few dancers that are ready to move up a level so I'm in LOve Vickyxxx

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