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Everybody Versus Nobody

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EWS Winson (MY) - December 2017
Everybody by Chris Janson
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Intro: 16 counts in from the main vocal (approx. 10 sec)

#1 (1-8) R Forward Stomp, L Flick & R Hand Slap, L Back Stomp, R Hitch & L Hand Brush, R Forward, L Lock & R Knee Pop, R Forward Mambo, L-R Back Attitude Walk
1&2&Weight on LF: Stomp RF forward (1), flick LF behind RF slapping R hand on L leg (&), stomp LF back (2), lift R knee up brushing L hand on R knee (&) 12.00
3-4Step RF forward (3), lock LF behind RF popping R knee forward (4) 12.00
5&6Rock RF forward (5), recover weight on LF (&), close RF beside LF (6) 12.00
7-8Step back on LF (7), step back on RF (8) - walk with attitude 12.00

#2 (9-16) L Weave, R Ball, L Cross Heel Jack ¼ (L), R-L Forward Wizard Step
1&2&Cross LF behind RF (1), step RF to R side (&), cross LF over RF (2), step RF to R side (&) 12.00
3&4&Cross LF over RF (3), turn ¼ L stepping RF back (&), touch L heel forward (4), step LF in place (&) 9.00
5-6&Step RF forward to R diagonal (5), lock LF behind RF (6), step RF forward to R diagonal (&) 9.00
7-8&Step LF forward to L diagonal (7), lock RF behind LF (8), step LF forward to L diagonal (&) *** 9.00
Restart here on Wall 3 and 7. Begin the dance facing 3.00 o’clock.

#3 (17-24) R&L Heel Switches, R Forward, R&L Forward Knee Pop, R Kick Ball Tap, Forward & Back “C” Hip Bumps, L Ball
1&2&Touch R heel forward (1), close RF beside LF (&), touch L heel forward (2), close LF beside RF (&) 9.00
3&4Step RF forward (3), pop both knees forward (&), step both heels in place (4) 9.00
5&6Kick RF forward (5), step RF back (&), tap L toes forward (6) 9.00
7&8Bump hips back in a sitting position (7), bump hips forward (&), bump hips back by raising hips in a standing position (8) – make it fluid like a figure “C” 9.00
&Close LF next to RF (&) 9.00

#4 (25-32) R Syncopated Rocking Chair X2, R-L Heel Out, R Ball, L Cross, R Side & L Drag, L Collect with Knees Bent
1&2&Rock RF forward (1), recover weight on LF (&), rock RF back (2), recover weight on LF (&) 9.00
3&4&Rock RF forward (3), recover weight on LF (&), rock RF back (4), recover weight on LF (&) 9.00
5&6&Touch R heel out forward to R side (5), touch L heel out forward to L side (&), close RF beside LF (6), cross LF over RF (&) 9.00
7-8Step RF to R side dragging LF towards RF (7), collect LF beside RF bending both knees down (8) 9.00

Ending: On Wall 9, dance until count 16, then turn ¼ R stepping RF forward and use L hand to comb your hair from front to back, facing 12.00 o’clock. Make it as cool as possible!!!

Contact: - Tel: 60172790733

Last Update – 8th Dec. 2017



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