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Trine Haukø Lund (NOR) - January 2017
She Ain't In It - Jon Pardi
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#16 counts intro

Section 1: Side, cross rock, chassé L, cross rock, chassé 1/4 turn R
1-3Step RF to R, cross rock LF over RF, recover on RF
4&5Step LF to L, step RF next to LF, step LF to L
6-7Cross rock RF over LF, recover on LF
8&1Step RF to L, step LF next to RF, 1/4 turn R(3.00), step RF forward

Section 2: Step 1/2 turn R, lock step forward X2 L, R, step 1/4 turn R, scissor step
2-3Step LF forward, 1/2 turn R(6.00), recover on RF
4&5Step LF forward, close RF behind LF, step LF forward
6&7Step RF forward, close LF behind RF, step RF forward
8&1Step LF forward, 1/4 turn R(12.00), step RF next to LF, cross LF over RF

Section 3: Side cross, scissor step, side, jazz box
2-3Step RF to R, cross LF over RF
4&5Step RF to R, step LF next to RF, cross RF over LF
6-7Step LF to L, cross RF over LF
8&1Step LF backwards, step RF to R, step LF forward
*Restart here in wall 5

Section 4: 2 walks R-L, step 1/2 turn L, shuffle, touch
2-3Walk forward on RF, walk forward on LF
4&5Step forward on RF, 1/2 turn L(6.00), recover on LF, step RF forward
6&7Step LF forward, step RF next to LF, step LF forward
8Touch RF next to LF

*Restart in wall 5: After section 3 facing 12 o’clock
Count 8-1: Step LF next to RF(8), step RF to R(1)

There is a change in the music in wall 7. It will happen during section 3. Just keep on dancing and you will keep up with the beat in the music again.

Last Update - 18th May 2018


Joey March 10, 2018
HI, love this dance. In section 3, I see counts 7, 8 & 1 as a cross step and left coaster instead of a jazz box. still works but feels more like a step, coaster. Best little dance I found to this beautiful song. thanks.

CeeCee May 3, 2018
I agree with Joey! This is a great dance for this song. The steps fit nicely with the music. I looked at the other dances out there for this song, and liked this one best. I, too, saw the steps in section 3 as a cross step and left coaster when I was learning it. Now that I know it, I'm just as comfortable thinking of a modified jazz box. Either way, I'm really liking this dance!! I have taught it two different places. Thanks Trine for this 8 & 1 dance!

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