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Ex's and Oh's

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Amy Glass (USA) - February 2015
Ex's & Oh's - Elle King : (iTunes)
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Dance starts on lyrics; 16 count intro. Restart: Wall 5 after 16 counts

[1-8] Triple Right, Rock Back, Rock Side, Rock Back
1&2Step R to R side, L next to R, R to R
3-4Rock L behind R, Recover weight on R
5-6Rock L to L side, Recover weight on R
7-8Rock L behind R, Recover weight on R

[9-16] Hinge ½ Turn R with a Cross, Syncopated Vine R with ¼ R, Pivot ½ R, Forward L
1-2-3Turn ¼ R stepping back on L, ¼ R stepping side, Cross L over R (6:00)
4&5Step R to R side, Step on ball of L foot crossed behind R, ¼ R stepping forward R (9:00)
6-7Step forward L, Pivot ½ R (3:00)
8Step forward L

[17-24] Toe Strut Forward x2, Out, Out (with Hip Pushes), In, In
1-2Touch R toe forward, drop R heel, weighting R
3-4Touch L toe forward, drop L heel, weighting L
5-6Step R forward and out (pushing R hip as you do this), L forward and out (pushing L hip)
7-8Step back on R, step L next to R

[25-32] Toe Strut Back x2, Side Rock, Cross Rock
1-2Touch R toe back, drop R heel, weighting R
3-4Touch L toe back, drop L heel, weighting L
5-6Rock R to R side, recover weight on L
7-8Cross rock R over L, recover weight on L

Ending: (Wall 15) Start the dance facing the back wall and the dance will end on count 13, stepping the R foot to the R side facing the front wall.


SooJay June 7, 2016
This is a really fun dance - great music and energetic

RobynD March 1, 2017
On Wall 5 dance 16 counts then re-start

RobynD March 1, 2017
Oops. I found the restart on the step sheet! Looked forever and couldn't find it, until after I posted! LOL

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