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EZ As a Woman

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Miae Kim (KOR) - April 2018
여자로 살래 by 신연아(빅마마소울) '같이 살래요' OST Part 3
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S1. Cross, Point×2, Back Cross, Point×2
1-4Step Cross L Over R, Point R to R Side, Step Cross R Over L, Point L to L Side
5-6Step Back Cross L Behind R, Point R to R Side, Step Back Cross R Behind L, Point L to L

S2. Fwd, Touch, Back, Hook, Step, Flick, Back, Hook
1-4Step Fwd L, Touch Back R Behind L, Step Back R, Hook L in front of R
5-8Step Fwd L, Flick R, Step Back R, Hook L in front of R

S3. Rhumba Box
1-4Step Fwd L, Hold, Step R to R Side, Step L Beside R
5-8Step Back R, Hold, Step L to L Side, Step Stomp R Beside L

S4. Cross Rock, Recover, Flick ×2
1-4Step Cross Rock L Over R, Onto Weight Recover R, Cross L, Step Flick R
5-8Step Cross Rock R Over L, Onto Weight Recover L, Cross R, 1/4 Turn R Step Flick L

Enjoy Dance



Pony Chen May 8, 2018

Lildebbi July 11, 2018
I cannot find the music on Amazon as it is in Korean, and cannot read it or translate the name of the artist or the song. Could you list it in English.

Miae kim July 26, 2018
Hello Lildebbi

The song title is not registered in English. Please let us know your e-mail address and we will send you a sound recording.

Lildebbi August 9, 2018
Hi, thank you, my email address is I love the music and the dance.

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