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EZ Rock

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Winnie Yu (CAN) - May 2012
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
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Intro: 32 counts – Start position: Both feet apart with weight on right

Sec. 1: Knee Roll x 2, Pop Knees - R, L, R, L (Elvis Leg) x4
1-2Rotate left knee counter clockwise (weight on right)
3-4Rotate left knee counter clockwise, finished weight on left
5-6Pop R knee inward with L foot straight leg, pop L knee inward with R foot straight leg
7-8Repeat count 5-6

Sec. 2: Toe Strut x 2 (Moving Fwd), Touch Fwd, 1/4R Travelling Swivels to Left: Heels , Toe, Heels
1-4Touch left toe forward, drop left heel down, touch right toe forward, drop right heel down
5-8Touch left foot forward, make a 1/4R and swivel both heels to left, both toes to left, both heels to left, finished weight on right (3:00)

Sec. 3: Repeat Section 2
1-8Repeat section 2 (6:00)

Sec. 4: Heels Flat On Spot x4
1-4Touch left heel forward to left diagonal, stomp left back to center, touch right heel forward to right diagonal, stomp back to center.
5-6-7-8Repeat count 1-4

Start the dance again !

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